Wild One! | Alikso 1st Birthday Party { Durham, NC }

More Info Aliksas Richard is officially a wild ONE! Number three of the foursome gang of boy cousins, this little kiddo often plays the part of the quiet and stubborn one. His mom likes to describe him as a “feisty introvert” and a true Mama’s boy. (Sleep training has been no joke, guys). You’ll feel pangs of sympathy when you see his cousin, Aidas, roll on top of him and arm wrestle a toy away. Blink, however, and suddenly Aliksas is back in possession of said-toy, while Aidas bemusedly looks around, uncertain of what just happened. Aliksas loves scooting around on his butt, rather than using any real, walking-or-standing-related muscles. This has earned him the nickname of “Scooter,” although his immediate family usually calls him Ollie. Due to a long and complicated string of nicknames (his mother’s specialty), Povi refers to him as “Siukie. It’s rather adorable.

where can i buy viagra pills in south africa I try not to take too many photos at family parties. Alikso first birthday party had such an adorable “Where the Wild Things Are” theme to it, however, that I couldn’t resist. His mom spent a few peaceful evenings cutting out bright yellow crowns and hand lettering the signage, while Alikso Mamele (his grandma/my mom) contributed the foam and fake fur crown (which Aliksas only wore under much protest for a few short seconds). The watermelon sailboat (inspired by Pinterest, of course!) was my meager contribution to the party.

Let the wild rumpus start

Wild One Party

Possibly my favorite portrait of Aliksas up-to-date! Such a tough looking little kiddo, especially with his bruised and battered nose (compliments of the front steps, which he repeatedly wanted to explore). Looks like a little boxer in the making! His mom got the “Wild One Aliksas” tshirt off the TinyLovesCo shop on Etsy.

Wild One tshirt

Povi and Aidas were excited to ride all the way across the street to attend their cousin’s party. Povi even donned his party hat.

Traveling to a party

Since Alikso favorite food is the humble hot dog, his mom decided that his smash cake HAD to be decorated with a (completely edible and deliciously sweet) hot dog. Whole Foods came through with this splendidly festive morsel.

Hot Dog Cake

Smash Cake time

Good times were had by all that that summer evening, especially the large gang of small children who ran, crawled, scooted, and roamed the yard. Aliksas managed to bash his nose (yet again) and bled all over his grandma. Best of all, the party was an excellent excuse for the entire back porch to finally get cleaned up and made presentable. Double win!

First Birthday Party First Birthday Party

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