Waltham Family | North Durham | Fall Family Portrait Session in the Woods

where can i buy viagra in nz buy viagra kamagra online We were brainstorming ideas for a sweet, sweet location for their fall family portrait session. “Maybe the American Tobacco Trail? Or downtown Durham? How about Duke Gardens? Or Northgate Park?” That’s when she finally admitted that she really just wanted someplace super easy. A location that required zero thought, had access to a bathroom, and didn’t require any sort of crazy parking. I debated with myself on whether the suggestion would sound weird for about five seconds before I texted back: “How about my backyard?”

My family’s home in Durham has one of the prettiest backyards I could have imagined – making it perfect for any sort of photographs! This small half acre has so much lushness that I can’t wait till we have time (and money!) to really begin playing with it. The woody lot is currently overgrown and practically dripping with ivy, as well as way too many flowering weeds and bushes that look fantastic for photographs, but will look even more gorgeous once we have time to spend gardening.

On this day in particular, there was that perfect glow of greens and yellows in the background that whisper of a coming fall.

Dropping this adorable family in front of all that lushness was a perfect combination. I’m completely in love with how this family’s fall portrait session turned out and am already plotting how I can have more of my family portrait sessions here at home!

Those completely relaxed, unposed moments from a session are the best. Everyone piles in close and snuggles up to each other. The family dynamics sparkle as Big Sister cuddles with the baby and Little Brother plays with the leaves and refuses to give even the smallest smile. It’s okay! Looking back one day, mom will remember what every single child’s personality was like in that particular moment of time.

Fall Family Portrait Session in North Durham

Leaves always make for a great way to coax little boys out of their shells. And baby brother didn’t seem to mind being sprinkled over the head with them, either! The two books happily played with the leaves while I made ridiculous noises and faces to keep their attention coming back to me.

And of course no family portrait session is complete without dad tossing the baby into the air!

I love seeing sisters who are so obviously best friends! <3 These two girls were the sweetest together and happy to hug for a photograph.

Thank you, friends, for entrusting these family memories with me!


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