Thanksgiving weekend extended family photos {Durham, NC}

Thanksgiving has become our annual family portrait taking time. I’ve gotten pretty dang good at taking my own family’s  portraits. It involves a lot of yelling, some swearing, multiple people actually pushing the shutter release, and a whole ton of photoshop magic to bring together all the smiles and proper amount of participants. Yes, not even going to deny it, the photo below is a composite. And by composite, I mean I photoshopped multiple photos into one, because that’s how I roll. (that, and I think tripods and self timers are of the devil). Now if only Linas had been able to make it this year (he had to run back home to save the specimens in his lab, or some such nonsense). And if only Katrina hadn’t decided to smirk in every single photograph. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

Extended Family portrait

I love how our Thanksgiving photos always look coordinated, even though everyone just threw on whatever they had packed.

Mom and Pops looking dashing as always! Gintaras and Margaret whipped these sweaters out (see below photo) to make sure their Christmas card had proper Starwarian festiveness. I made sure to hide my sweater’s Thanksgiving meal stains (courtesy of the kids) with a bright and cherry scarf. #thankgoodnessforaccessories Please note my adorable, heeled booties. That is the one and only time I have worn them since having Aidas, since I still haven’t managed to get heels + two kids to work. Damn those fashionista bloggers who make it seem easy.

Fall Portraits in North Carolina for Thanksgiving

My original plan was to use this photo for our Christmas card, but to be honest I don’t love it. We look cute, sure, but a little stilted. And fuzzy. Plus you can’t see Aidas at all. (wait, is this more real life than I had originally thought?) Regardless, I ended up using our (gorgeous!) newborn photos instead, which our photographer delivered to us faster than normal so that we could send cards out.

Durham Blogger Thanksgiving Family Portraits

Finally, a photo of our wee cutie just to tie this blog post up. He was snuggled up so tight and cozy in that blanket!

Baby in the fall

Does your family take photos during Thanksgiving weekend if you’re together? Are you on the “oh gosh, do we HAVE to do this?” team or the “hold still and smile” team?


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