A Summer of Waiting {hello, Durham!}

We’re moving!” I thought confidently to myself. “The packing will suck, I’ll have to fly by myself with a squirmy fourteen month old, then I’ll have to live with my parents for five weeks while waiting for Vincas to finish up his residency in Chicago and I search for a house…it’ll be crazy, but I’m sure time will fly by.

Waiting to move

Cue the sound of crickets while everything seems to take a million and one years and most of my summer is spent idly sitting on a hot patio and watching Povi play and my baby bump grow bigger.

Waiting to find a house

Okay, slight exaggeration. But holy cow, the process of moving can be such. a. slow. one.

It’s pretty much nothing but waiting.

It took us a month to figure out the house buying situation (first house fell through due to complications and the market here is cray-cray, so lots of running around and looking at other houses. Shockingly, though, we managed to buy our house without a bidding war – practically unheard of for this area!). Then a month of nail biting angst while running around and signing and sending mortgage documents back and forth to Chicago, waiting for the offer to be accepted (yes, this was done while Vincas was still living in Chicago), then the ordeal of passing inspection, negotiations, until we finally got to put our John Hancock’s on a very thick and very confusing sounding document which stated that, indeed, we are now home owners.

waiting to move in

Then more waiting. A month dragged by as we waited for our new floors to be put in (I didn’t expect this to take nearly as long, so it felt excruciating). Thankfully, this month could at least be spent painting. Well, not on my part. Pregnancy plus painting fumes are not a good combination, apparently, so more sitting around and watching Povi play in the hot Southern sun while my parents heroically painted every room in the upstairs of our new house and Vincas began his new job in North Carolina. I did get to come out of exile to spend a few hours painting an incredibly sweet mural for Povi’s new room, once most of the paint fumes had aired out. Oh, and throw in a family beach vacation to Oak Island (my family), a giant double baptism weekend in Durham (Vinco family), and the arrival of a fresh new nephew (my sister’s second son) and that about sums up our summer.

waiting for our house Finally, though, finally…we were able to move our belongings into our new home the second week of August (I came out here in May, just to give you a scope of the time lapse) and GLORY HALLELUJAH, does it feel good to sleep in a bed again and slowly unpack our belongings. (very slowly, since we have only half a dozen pieces of furniture). We made our first adult furniture purchase (a sectional couch!), which is getting delivered…TODAY. You guys, it’s finally starting to feel real.

Between that and unpacking my computer (which had accumulated a lot of dust while in its box, surprisingly enough), I almost feel like a real, functioning part of society again. Almost.

So catch me up: what have I missed in your life this summer? Also, have no fear, a million blog posts are already in the planning with more details on our Oak Island adventures, baptism photos, new house photos (and work-in-progress photos!), and newborn photos of the newest little member to the Durham boys’ club, my nephew.


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