Spring Break

I’ve decided it’s time for a Spring Break around here.

This year has been rumbling by like one of those slow-moving but incredibly powerful bulldozers my boys are obsessed with watching. I’ve been holding on for dear life even as I’m mouthing “Good God, why are we going so slow?

On the business front, I’d had so many amazing clients this spring. I’m thrilled that I finally decided to invest in a new primary camera, a Canon 5D Mark IV.

While I try to keep my equipment purchasing to a minimum, it was seriously time for an upgrade. Not only does this camera have a touch screen (so fancy!) and wifi, but it also plays the polka and line dances. Kidding. It really is a nice camera, though. After an unfortunate lens dropping incident (oops), I am now also looking at buying a Sigma nifty fifty. I rented this lens for my last portrait session and fell in love. Still deciding whether to buy it new or used.

Meanwhile at home, Povi has been in a steady state of big emotions and constant tears. Growth spurt? Lack of enough personalized attention? Little gnomes keeping him up at night? Your guess is as good as mine. Aidas, meanwhile, has some sort of death wish slash goal of making me go prematurely gray. We had our first visit to the urgent care (thank you, Nursemaid’s elbow). We also experienced our first toppling of major furniture. If you know how to stop a toddler from climbing every-freakin-thing, do share. He never stops moving and never stops finding trouble. He’s also steadily gaining in size. He and Povi can now share clothes, which totally weirds me out. Povi is still stronger, though. Despite this, Aidas is reveling in the discovery of his innate ability to tease Povi. It results in a lot of fights and a lot of “NO AIDAI, NE ACIU” from Povi (“No Aidas, no thank you”). Thankfully, the weather has finally warmed up for good around here and the rain is slowly tapering off.

I’m psyched beyond words to start spending more days basking in the sunshine and working on long-awaited house projects.

I don’t think I ever realized how much work goes into owning a home. Especially with my sister (the ever-busy, home-improvement-guru) across the street. She really raises the bar on adorable DIY projects. Finding things to fix in a home never ends, though. This is both fun and frustrating. Frustrating, because of the continual cost. If anyone wants to sign me up for one of those Home Depot “win a makeover” contests, I’m all about it. House projects are just so. freakin. expensive.

Every time something is finally checked off my master list, though, it is SO satisfying.

We finally decided on our big project for this year. A contractor will begin rebuilding our rotting and not-up-to-code deck at the end of May! *cue wild cheering* In addition, we’ve also hired a landscaper to improve our uneven yard situation. We’re hoping to shift from mud pit status to a usable and attractive garden oasis. I’ve also been debating sanding down and painting our kitchen cabinets white to give the kitchen a new lease on life. I’m wary of starting too many big projects, however, and getting overwhelmed. This weekend I’ll be satisfied with simply repainting both of our exterior doors. They’ve been seriously dinged up since we’ve moved in and it’ll make me really happy to have them looking cleaner and brighter.

Little boys playing

Aidas and his across-the-street-cousin Aliksas have heard Povi and Lukas (the big boys) calling each other DOT-tee (one of those weird toddler things that we have no idea why they do) one too many times and have decided to join in the fun. Now all four little boys delightedly scream “DOTTEEEE!” the second they see each other. Dottee 1, Dottee 2, Dottee 3, and Dottee 4. So glad we spent so much time and effort to choose their unique names. *insert eyeroll here*

Last but not least, I have been on a reading roll this spring and have had just the best luck with finding really fun books to gorge on.

With life being so chaotic, this usually happens either late into the night or on audio while cleaning the kitchen and taking walks. Some of my favorites were The Weight of a Piano (starts with a piano and then focuses on the intertwined stories of the owners of the piano. Loved the writing style!), Where the Crawdads Sing (kind of “Girl of the Limberlost” meets a whodunnit), Perfect Little World (what would happen if a group of people all decided to parent together?), Becoming by Michelle Obama (I love getting not only the history of Michelle’s childhood and adulthood, but also a glimpse into what it would be like to live as a First Lady), It ends with Us (kind of a romantic beach read, but not), and the Court of Thorns and Roses series (think Beauty & the Beast with lots of war and complicated romances).

What are you up to this weekend?


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