Spring Break in Chicago

you can try here Did you miss me last week?! I spontaneously decided to take a blogging/photography break so that I could enjoy some of my hubby’s spring break with him and it was so lovely being able to sleep in together, eat luxurious breakfasts, and hide away from all the hustle and bustle. Chicago Spring BreakAs life would have it, his break started out with both of us sick all weekend, desperately trying to recover from all the flus, bugs, coughs, and colds we had been down with almost every weekend of February. Determination being my middle name, I drowned us in herbal teas (thanks to my mom’s care package of loose leaf wonderfulness), non-stop packets of EmergenC, and even borrowed some Essential Oils from my sister-in-law. I’m still not convinced, though, that we’ll be consistently better until all this cold weather goes away. It was gorgeously warm for a single day during his break and then the cold weather was back in force (culminating in a full day of snow this past Monday. Thaaaaaank you, Chicago).

read more While we didn’t get to celebrate St. Paddy’s day, I still made a decent stab at trying to finish out my 10 in 5 Till Spring Bucket List. We explored the Museum of Contemporary Art on a free day and I stopped feeling guilty that I hadn’t made it over there for the entire two years I’ve lived here. (aka: I was not a huge fan. I was hoping for more 2D contemporary art and less installations, but what can you do). We made dinner with friends and had an evening of wine and boardgames. I completed an entire 1000 piece puzzle while Vincas played countless hours of video games. And we spent an entire morning/afternoon taking an urban hike from Loyola, down the Lake Shore path, and then into the city for a late seafood lunch at Half Shell (an extremely well-rated hole-in-the-wall sort of place with superb clam chowder, but only decent fish sandwiches. They also had AMAZING Buttered Rum drinks that tasted exactly like what I imagine Butterbeer to taste like).

Friday evening found us with fancy cocktails in hand at BeviAmo, a cozy bar featuring live piano/guitar music and a spectacular (yet not ridiculously over-priced!) array of drinks. I highly recommend their Moscow Mule. Despite the fact that this bar is barely a hop and a skip away from us, it was our first time there. I dressed up way too fancy (Vincas was mortified by the fur coat I chose to wear over my 60’s styled dress) and half a dozen friends joined us. It was the kind of place you could talk comfortably and hear each other easily, while still enjoying the music in the background.

All in all, I managed to cross five things off my ten item bucket list. Not terribly bad, with how often we were sick. Have you done anything fun around the city lately? Got any last minute cold-weather activities I should check out before the last of the snow melts?



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