Snowflakes, Snow Day, and Snowballs! {North Durham}

We heard that there was supposed to be a snow day, but we didn’t expect much. You never do in North Carolina. Everyone will run around getting flustered and worried, stores will be stripped bare of all bread and milk and water, school will be canceled, and then…nothing. But this time it was different. I could tell it was different from the second I woke up to a deep silence and a darker-than-usual room.

Snow day in Durham

When I shrugged out of the deep coziness of our winter comforter and padded over to the window to pull on the blinds, I saw a gray morning filled with fat, sluggish snowflakes. The roads were still black, although the grass was just barely peeking out from under a layer of powder. I went back to bed. An hour later, the roads were white and the trees full of wet flakes. Povi shrieked with excitement when he woke up to the sight. We ate breakfast cheerfully and began texting excitedly with family. By the time I had myself and the boys dressed to go outside, a solid six inches covered the ground. We met up with my sister across the street and joyfully squealed over the wet snow and the otherworldly beauty of it all. It kept snowing.

It snowed all through the boys’ naps. It snowed all through my husband’s earlier-than-normal walk home from work. It snowed deep into the afternoon. And it continued snowing when my sister and I happily convened the boys together outside again, this time delighting in the crisp dryness of the powdery flakes. Uncle Drew (or “Dede Da-oo” as Povi calls him) taught the boys to pelt snowballs and Lukas bemusedly wobbled in the eleven inches of pure white goodness. That’s right, ELEVEN INCHES. Not sure when Durham last had that much snow, but it was gorgeous beyond belief. There’s something so calm and invigorating about a landscape of snow. Drew reminisced about Alaska for a bit, but then we all agreed that dealing with toddlers in the snow is less exciting when it has to be done daily. So we basked in appreciation of our rare snow day, made all the better for not being our daily winter fare, then retreated into our houses to snuggle under warm blankets with hot mugs of tea and cheery conversations.

Going out into the snowToddler boy walks out front door into snowToddler boy stuck in snowWoman holding baby in the snow in North CarolinaFamily huddles in the snow in DurhamBoy walks in the snowTeaching her son how to catch snowflakesBoys playing in the snowFamily playing in the snow

Durham street day after snow

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