Sarah Graduates! | NC State Senior Portraits { Raleigh, NC }

Graduation is always a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated. Especially if you’re a mom of two and graduating with your masters of writing! Sarah and I met up at NC State University in Raleigh last weekend to take her senior graduation portraits. The entire week leading up to our session was a solid wall of rain. So much yuck. Thankfully, though, this meant that the second the weather turned nice, spring burst out with full force. All the trees turned out in their spring best, as if blossoming in celebration. The entire campus looked absolutely beautiful! There’s nothing quite like bright splashes of pink and white flowers against all the brick buildings to set off the black of the cap and gown perfectly.

Speaking of cap and gown, have you ever SEEN a masters gown? That thing is hella confusing. We spent a solid fifteen minutes trying to decide if the sleeves were intentionally wacky (they are) and how the heck the hood was supposed to hang (very precariously). Thank goodness for Youtube videos and Sarah’s good spirits!

NC State Graduation Photography

NC State Graduate

fterwards we wandered the campus, stopping by all the prettiest locations. We captured portraits in front of the Memorial Bell Tower, on the Court of the Carolinas (located in front of the 9/11 Memorial Building), and in the Brickyard in front of the (quite imposing) library.

We were having the hardest time trying to locate something with NC State written on it. Racing against the sunset, we finally parked in front of one of the main entrances of the campus. Ignoring the traffic whizzing past us, Sarah managed to wiggle up onto the sign in heels (so impressive!) and even got some enthusiastic car honking to accompany our final few shots.

Congratulations, Sarah! I can’t wait to see what comes next in your big adventure (a published book, perhaps?!?)!


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