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buy prednisone for humans http://masterpiececustombuilders.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://masterpiececustombuilders.com/bear-creek-village-custom-homes/ If you ask me what my very favorite type of portrait photography session looks like, I’m sure my answer would vary depending on the season. However, I will ALWAYS always say that in-home sessions win hands down. Why? Because home is where your heart is. It’s where your family has been growing, living, and making memories together. It’s where everyone is the most comfortable and themselves. Can your home sometimes (or even usually? ha!) be messy and disorganized? Sure! But that’s life. That’s love. And that’s family. Capturing that for you makes my heart happy. This breastfeeding session & family lifestyle portrait session are the perfect example of that. 

Lifestyle Family Portraits Durham

I loved working with this family. They welcomed me into their home warmly, urging me to make myself comfortable and to photograph everything. Dad was bustling around the kitchen and cleaning up the lunch dishes. Mom sat cozily in a corner, chatting and nursing the baby. I loved how big brother Arlo was close by, carefully watching everything while munching on his meal. The family dog, Lincoln, moseyed on over, also intent to be in the middle of all the action.

It was such a homey scene to walk into.

Capturing more images of breastfeeding mothers has been a goal of mine recently. I really enjoy documenting this special relationship between mom and nursling. Breastfeeding older babies can sometimes be more of a gymnastics feat than anything else. Martha, however, ate with an astounding amount of concentration, although her feet and hands were playing with her mom’s clothing the entire time! This little girl is seriously the cutest, sweetest munchkin with the fullest head of hair I’ve seen in a while! She and Arlo are obviously best buds and had such joy filled interactions.

Breastfeeding Sessions are a favorite of mine because I really enjoy documenting this special relationship between mom and nursling.

Sometimes parents worry that their homes are too dark for photographs.

I really rather delight in finding pockets of natural light near windows and those make for the most beautiful shots.

Mother Nursing

Portrait of a nursing baby

Natural giggles are so much easier to capture when you have two siblings who egg each other on! I couldn’t help laughing myself, their peals of laughter were so contagious!

The entire time mom was breastfeeding Martha, Arlo popped around the room. One second he was climbing under the chair to show off what lay hidden underneath, a minute later he was zooming around with his favorite airplane. After that, the room was filled with squeals with delight as his dad tipped him upside down. Martha kept one eye on him the entire time, obviously fascinated by this amazing, older brother of hers!

It was a pretty hot morning that day, but we ducked outside to finish our session in the family’s gorgeous yard. They told me that their home was originally owned by a landscaper and this was obvious from the fun variety of plants they had in their yard and the time spent cultivating them. This overgrown trellis was such a pretty spot for a quick mom/son forehead bump! 😉

We finished up on a patchwork quilt under the trees, where the dappled sunlight peeked through the leaves. Arlo was pretty done with photos by that point and gravely told me “No” when I tried to take a quick photo of him playing. He happily gave his mom a kiss, though, leaning over his nursing sister to give his smooch! Such a completely real moment!

This was the perfect end to this gorgeous end-of-summer lifestyle family portrait & breastfeeding session! I love that this family will always have the prints hanging in their home to remember this small moment of time. <3





PS. Are you interested in documenting your own breastfeeding journey? With the holidays coming up, there isn’t a more perfect time to invest in your beautiful memories. Drop me a note at hi@walkingdotphotography.com and we can discuss creating a perfect session for you and your family.

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