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I’m absolutely in love with how this Durham Lifestyle Newborn photography session came out! 😍 Ashley and I were in the same centering class during our pregnancies, so Miriam Louise is only about two weeks younger than my Aidas. She had the cutest, pudgiest little cheeks and the most solemn, steady gaze that made it seem like she was saying, “Now why are you pointing that big, black thing at me?” 

Mom snuggling newborn

It can always be a bit nerve-wracking to work only with natural light on rainy days, but the results are always so SO spectacular. We spent our time together hopping from one window to the next, chatting about everything under the sun as I clicked away. We began the newborn session in the nursery, where the adorable decorations had been carefully picked by Ashley and a dresser with family history had been gently sanded and repainted by Dustin. When picking out what clothes Miriam should wear for the photos, Dustin immediately brightened with anticipation and pulled out a little gray dress that was the first piece of clothing he bought for his daughter after learning her gender. I loved his excitement! When we moved into the living room, I had to drag the family’s big, red armchair over to the window – it was such a perfect color and texture, I knew it would add the perfect pop to the photos.

In-home newborn session

Family newborn portrait

Mom & Baby Photos

I just love all the minute details that went into this nursery, from the vibrantly colorful map above the crib, to the playful animals tucked onto shelves and in corners. I’m also a bit envious of the framed ultrasound. I’ve always meant to do something with the ultrasounds I’ve gotten of my kiddos, but have never quite gotten around to it.

Travel Nursery Decorations

Family Newborn Session

Nothing like the cuteness of a baby in a hat to make a momma laugh!

Newborn Photos laughing

Father snuggles daughter

It’s amazing how much older an actual outfit makes a baby look, compared to a little sleeper. In the photos below, Miriam looks like she’s at least a month older, but they were taken during that same session!

Close-up of a babyMommy & Baby

Little Feet

Durham Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Durham Lifestyle Newborn SessionFather & DaughterFamily & newborn

Ashley and Dustin were the ideal family to work with, happily helping me rearrange furniture and shift curtains and blinds to let in more light. Miriam was the happiest little snuggle-bug the entire time – alternating between sleeping and watching everyone move around her. Thanks for inviting me into your homes to document this special stage of infancy, Ashley and Dustin! I can’t wait to watch her grow!

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