May Recap { 365 Day Photography Challenge | Durham, NC }

Crazy siblings
Povi was running around and around and around like he does every single hour of every single day and Aidas, as per usual, was just loving it. This kiddo seriously just has to hear Povi’s footsteps and he start cracking up and enthusiastically looking around for his big bro. If you have me as an Instagram friend, I’ve been trying to include more stories that show all the ridiculous laughing and shrieking happening in this house these days. I can’t wait to see what they’ll be like once Aidas is actually walking!

Top Four Runners-up for the May recap

Top left: Nothing quite better than snuggles on the porch. Viktorija was hanging out and talking to me when I noticed how nice and soft the light was on the bench. Lukas was running around and playing and Viktorija didn’t have to ask twice for him to hop on her lap and begin giggling as she gave him a few kisses and whispers.
Top Right: It had been raining for about a week and I was so over taking indoor photos. I was trying to convince Povi to come outside on the porch, but he wasn’t having any of it. Instead, he had a blast peering out of the window and laughing hysterically at my silly antics as I tried to persuade him to abandon his trucks and come outside. I believe this photo was snapped juuuuust as he was responding “NOOOOOO!” (a new favorite word) to my pleas for him to come out.
Bottom Left: I came over to Viktorija’s house to borrow something and walked in just as she was going into Luko room to wake him up. I made her leave him in his crib for a moment, because this light was just too exquisite. Also, Lukas acts like a bleary-eyed owl when he wakes up, which I find both hilarious and adorable.
Bottom Right: If Povi spots ANYBODY sitting in this swinging hammock chair, he immediately demands to sit with them. Vincas had just finished adjusting the height of the hammock and was happy to have an admiring audience sit with him to appreciate its nice new height.
May 365
And because I just couldn’t help myself this month, here are two more I really enjoyed. I’d been hoping to use this lacy material to create some lovely shadows for a while, but didn’t succeed until Katrina came over to help hold Aidas and act as a human hanger for the material. She didn’t wear makeup that day (as per usual) and I was especially satisfied in how I managed to follow her directive to not show her face.
Sunshine dappled baby
This last photo isn’t as photographically appealing as some of the others, but I’m quite pleased that I finally managed to capture myself in a photo. Self-portraits are so much more complicated to set up (in my opinion), so I rarely take them. Both boys were melting down, though, so my running back and forth between the camera and the focal point entertained them. Also, all the laundry and the ever-present potty are SO much my life right now.
Mom & kiddos
Which is your favorite photo? Please do tell! I seriously LOVE hearing which photo is most successful in others’ eyes and why!
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