March Recap { 365 Day Photography Challenge }

Welcome to the March Recap of my 365 Day Photography Challenge: yes, I know it’s May. Yes, I promise I’ll try to hurry up and post the April photos as well. And YES, I’m still going strong! Bonus points to my hubby, Vincas, who hasn’t gotten annoyed a single time yet with how often I’m pulling the camera out. Povi is starting to shy away from photographs, so I’m trying to be particularly careful about not making him do anything he doesn’t want to and not taking his photo if he says “ne.” My sister, Katrina, also gets a shout out for allowing me to use her in the photos, even if it’s semi-unwillingly. Her mantra is “NOT THE FACE, BECAUSE I LOOK UGLY TODAY. Pretty sure she doesn’t shower or put makeup on before coming over just so that she could use that excuse. 

During March, I tried particularly hard to get real moments. It’s so easy to plop Aidas down and get a massive smile from him, so I’m more appreciative of the little moments that remind me of what that day was like or what we were doing. I also love interaction in my photos, so I noticed that all the photos have some of that happening.

365 Day Collage

Top left: I just love seeing Vincas and Povi interact. Vincas is so good with him – usually way more patient than I am and much more likely to let Povi try new and exciting things…things that usually give me a bit of a heart attack, like letting him sit close to edges or helping put twigs in the bonfire.

Top Right: One of my favorite things about living close to family is getting to watch the cousins grow up together. Aidas and Aliksas are such a funny duo – the wee elf and the pudgy puppy. They are often right in the middle of all the action, both of them jealously watching the big kids get to do all the exciting stuff. I know both of them are going to be chasing after Povi and Lukas before we know it.

Bottom Left: Another great Vincas/Povi moment. They have their nighttime routine down-pat and if anyone forgets any part of it, Povi eagerly reminds them.

Bottom Right: Possibly the only photo I’ve made an appearance in thus far? I don’t do selfies often anymore, so I kind of love this one. Aido cheeks are so perfectly pink and his little chin so pointy. I really enjoy the delight he gets from doing things with me, since so often Povi takes center stage.

If I were to pick a favorite, that top left one might be it. Ooooor this bottom photo of Viktorija holding the cousins. The combination of glowing light + soft mama features + wide-eyed boys is a winner. I also really like this photo (bottom right) of Teta Katrina hiding her face behind Aido hedgehog hair. Makes me laugh every time. Okay, totally cheated and put more than the usual number of *favorites* into this post, so scoot over to my Instagram page to see the rest of March. You won’t be disappointed!

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