Andrew + Viktorija + Baby Lukas | Durham Newborn Photography Meet Lukas Tomas (pronounced LOO-cuss TUM-us), my very first nephew on my side of the family! Exactly ten weeks younger than my own son, Povi, Lukas decided he needed to make up for being the younger cousin by creating quite the stir with his birth. You wouldn’t know it from this picture, but he spent the first four days of his life under a plastic bubble in the hospital. Apparently, inhaling meconium will do that to you! He gave his parents, grandparents, and doting aunts and uncles quite the scare. Thankfully, he recovered quickly, making it home the Friday following his birth. I was able to spend the last day of my visit taking his newborn portraits, making this my first set of Durham newborn portraits! #travelingphotographer My mom’s handmade Winnie-the-Pooh quilt provided the perfect backdrop to this first photo. <3

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Durham Infant

Viktorija did an amazing job putting together Luko nursery. Going with a woodsy theme, she kept things simple by styling the room with a few key pieces. I absolutely adore the hand-made mobile! Each animal is hand-knitted by my mom, the leaves are cut from felt, and the wooden top was molded into shape and stained by Drew. For the rest of the room, Viktorija actually painted the wall behind the crib with floor to ceiling tree shadows, while Drew built and stained the bookcase in the corner of the room to display all of Luko baby books and toys. In addition, Drew’s dad built the large mirror that hangs over the changing table/dresser. Talk about a hands-on family!

Durham Infant

Here’s a close-up of that mobile, because I know you were dying to see it better!

Durham Infant

This photo of Viktorija, Drew, and Lukas being all snuggly in their living room makes my heart happy.

Durham Infant

newborn girton_0134

And, of course, we couldn’t forego a photo in “their” spot. This hedge is in their small front yard and has been the location for many ‘a photo over the past few years.

Durham NewbornDurham NewbornDurham Newborn Photography

These photos of Drew and Lukas are some of my favorite! <3

Durham Newborn

newborn girton_0136

Durham Newborn

Durham Newborn

Durham Newborn

Congratulations, Viktorija and Drew! I can’t wait to see little Lukas Lemonadas grow and change! 🙂



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