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Recently, I decided it would be fun to photograph a few of the beautiful nurseries that moms in the city have designed for their little ones. I’m one of those people who just loves seeing glimpses of other family’s homes – especially in the city, where folks have to get creative with small spaces. Nurseries, in particular, are such fun and joyous rooms, full of hope and excitement. I had so many moms send me pictures of their baby’s rooms, but I chose this Lil’ Adventurer nursery because I’m obsessed with mountains and just adore the mural this couple painted on their little one’s wall. Being a typically small, city apartment, this room doesn’t have the biggest windows, so I thought it was especially creative how they installed a light fixture that would give the room a dappled, rain splashed look. So pretty!

Lil' Adventurer Nursery

Lil' Adventurer Nursery

I asked this mama to describe how she and her husband chose to decorate their nursery and she described how they wanted a more unique theme for their little girl. Specifically, one that wasn’t the obvious girlie choice, with lots of pink, butterflies, and princesses. They decided on a lil’ adventurer nursery theme because not only are they always down for an adventure, but they love the outdoors and wanted to bring the outdoors inside for her! Lincoln’s bedroom came out a masterpiece.

I found the inspiration for the mountains on a blog and it was love at first sight! My husband painted it and we adjusted the palette to fit our color scheme. Since I’m obsessed with the song “Brave,” by Sara Barelleis, one of my talented co-workers created a wall decal specially designed just for our daughter, Lincoln. She used my favorite lyrics from “Brave” and created the lyric mural to complement the mountains. I also absolutely love Etsy! It’s a great place to find unique pieces like the sheets and crib mobile, as well as fun artwork, like the explore map and warrior bunny sketch. Other wall details were purchased from Hobby Lobby, as well as the dresser knobs. When I was twenty-two weeks pregnant, my husband and I took a 16 day trip to Europe. We hand-picked special souvenirs for Lincoln’s nursery – a stuffed animal, a crocheted little mushroom, a colorful string of lights, and hand-carved, wooden elephants that are strung together and hang on the wall. My grandmother knitted a blanket just for Lincoln and my cousin sent the personalized pillow in the rocking chair. My mom made the little tin can characters hanging in the bookshelf. They were actually part of the decorations from our baby shower, so it was cool to pass them along to Lincoln. In addition, my mother-in-law had the sweet, personalized book “The Girl That Lost Her Name” made for her. My dear friend’s mom even handmade the mermaid doll in the blanket basket.

Lil' Adventurer Nursery

Lil’ Adventurer Nursery for a baby girl ready to explore the world

Lil' Adventurer Nursery

What are you favorite details of this nursery? I just love how many patterns and textures are worked into the space. That black and white rug, especially, gives the entire room such a fun pop! With so much emphasis on adventure and travel, I just know this little girl will grow up and experience lots of amazing things!



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Other Nursery Details: 

Changing Pad Cover     *     Crib Sheets     *     “Brave” wall decal designed by Nickie Schwwartz


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