June Recap { 365 Day Photography Challenge | Durham, NC }

June. I feel like I can’t even remember it. This summer dashed by faster than a rabbit who’s running late. My memories of it are a whirlwind of fleeting emotions, muddy babies, and sun-kissed skin. Can you tell that I love summer? I throw myself into it so fully and hold onto it so tightly, as if I could stop Fall from coming through sheer willpower. Cold seltzers and shared cocktails on the back porch. Drippy popsicles creating garish paths of bright dye against the toddlers’ bare chests. Kneeling in the dirt of my garden with sweat dripping down my back and hopping across burning pavement barefoot. The thick smell of rain in the air. See? It’s slowly coming back to me. Hopefully pouring over my June photos will help some more in refreshing my memories. 

June Recap

I’m realizing that for this month I’m guilty of choosing photos that remind me of good times, but possibly aren’t the strongest images I’ve taken. I’m okay with that. Or maybe I’m just too tired to care. (It’s only Wednesday night, but it’s been a loooong week over here filled with incredibly whiny children). Regardless, I’ll let them stand. Don’t forget to comment and let me know which is your favorite! I always love hearing. 🙂

June recap

Most of our family had come together for a summer meal on my mom’s back porch, full of the requisite mosquitoes, delicious food, flies, heavy dessert, sweaty babies, and fights about politics (thanks, Linai). I had decided I wanted to capture some sort of messy family portrait right at the end, when everyone would be too stuffed with food and summer happiness to complain too much. I got a pretty fun family photo squished bodies, but this detail shot was my favorite. Not because of Luko grin (which is adorable, but more so because of the way Viktorija’s looking down at him and – best of all – Povi’s eye staring straight at me from the edge of the photo.

Top Four Runners-up for the June Recap

June recap

buy topamax 100 mg purchase furosemide lasix Top left: I’m such a sucker for detail shots. Especially when you’ve got the perfect balance of light and shadow, soft baby skin and texture-y fabric. And of course gloopy yogurt.

Top Right: We were off on an adventure at last! It had seemed like forever since Vincas and I had hopped in the car and gone somewhere interesting with the boys. It’s not the most original shot, but I’m always excited when I manage to capture part of myself in a photo.

Bottom Left: Fingers splayed, shirt pulled up to show off a tiny belly as Povi’s body wiggles in delight, and two faces eagerly peering through a window at the magic within.

Bottom Right: A splash of sunlight in just the right spot as Povi investigates. I love taking trips with my mom and how her bubbly excitement makes even the most mundane rest stop an adventure. Even though she wasn’t in this photo, I can’t look at it without remembering her standing next to me, energetically yelling to Povi to RUNNNNN and get alllll his energy out. So of course he just stands there.





I know this recap wasn’t as awesome as my May Recap, but what can I say: summers are just so busy that I tend to hang on and snap photos when I can. Now that we’re really in the thick of August, I’m thinking I need to come up with another fun theme for September maybe. Or maybe just for the last few weeks of August. Got any ideas? I’m thinking of trying to do some photos that are a bit more cinematic….

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