January Recap { 365 Day Photography Challenge }

January Recap of my 365 Day Photography Challenge: gosh is this hard. YES, I’m totally on top of it! Oh, well, now I’m a week behind. Is anyone sick of seeing photos of my kids yet? January is SO LONG. Did I really take that photo? I’M FREAKIN AMAZING. Oh, well now that next photo is crap. Is January over yet? My kids are pretty cute. One day they’re going to have so many zillions of photos – I’m sure they’ll be horribly annoyed at me. Oh hey! It’s finally February.

It was hard picking which my favorite photos were, but I’ve noticed that all the photos I ended up picking were the ones that felt the most genuinely photojournalistic to me. The ones that I literally yanked out my camera and snapped, with little to no thought. I’m also a sucker for the ones oozing with warmth and color. The snow photos were pretty, but so WHITE.

January Recap

I can’t remember what I wrote about these photos on Instagram, but here’s a little bit behind each of those photos.

The can you buy Lyrica from canada top left photograph of Povi in his room was taken right after his nap one afternoon. Povi wakes up either REALLY cranky…or else unbelievably, radiantly happy. This was one of his happy post-nap days. He thought I was being hilariously goofy, laying on the floor and pointing my camera at him. The light in the room was really nice, though, and gosh, I love that mural I painted on his wall.

The moment captured in the  about his top right photograph was when my sister popped by during the toddlers’ naps to pick up some stuff. We live across the street from each other, so there’s a lot of popping in and out of each others’ houses all week long. Aidas was being captivatingly adorable with lots of little noises and chortles and she couldn’t help picking him up. Then immediately laughing about how heavy and roly-poly he is. Compared to his (older) cousin, Aliksas, he’s a heavyweight champ.

Bottom left photo was taken after one of Viktorija’s and my breakfast dates. Our breakfast dates are usually on days that one or the other of us feel overwhelmed and not wanting to get our kitchen dirty (or having run out of some essential toddler food) so we go across the street to mooch some yummy breakfast food. Afterwards, the boys usually play until someone steal’s someone else’s truck, some hitting happens, and we moms decide it’s time to separate and change out of pjs.

Bottom right photo was taken at a local arts and crafts store. I love the idea of taking my camera out of the house, but with a potty-training toddler, an unpredictable infant, a large diaper bag, and whatever else I need to carry (hello, portable potty, I’m thinking of you), a camera is often just too. much. I knew I was going to this store, though, and knew that this gorgeous floral aisle would make for a great photo. Povi’s “what the heck are you doing, mom” expression is the perfect cherry on top.

Looking back, I’d say this month’s photo theme – if I had a theme – would be “Those in-between moments.” Or maybe “How quickly can I snap a picture before everyone moves.” Here’s to hoping I can keep my momentum going for February! 





PS. What do you think of this January Recap? Do you like the photo descriptions? Did I cheat by picking four photos, or should I only show one favorite? Or should I do the top five? I’m totally overthinking this, aren’t I? Yes, yes I am. Okay: time for bed.


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