Gaja & Isla | Mama & Me { 4 Month Milestone }

When Gaja asked if I could capture portraits of 4 month old baby Isla my answer was an extremely enthusiastic “YES, PLEASE.” Hold your coffee, kids, cause this baby is so stinkin adorable. I might be biased since she’s my niece, but between those chunky baby rolls (her parents like to call her arm rolls croissants!) and that sweet and ready smile, I might have been squealing just a bit as I photographed her. We actually used my in-law’s home for the portraits, since we were in Chicago together for Christmas, and this bedroom proved beyond perfect – SO much natural light and brightness even on an overcast December day.

Baby’s 4 Month Milestone Portraits

Capturing images of moms breastfeeding their babies holds a special place in my heart’s list of “favorite things to document.” With infants, especially, it’s such a quiet moment of connection. Later, in those active months leading up to toddler hood, there’s wiggling and kicking and grabbing and pinching. Those tiny baby days, though, are filled with peaceful smiles and warm, milk-scented snuggles. On a whim, we used this random little room near the back of the house for these portraits and it worked perfectly. You wouldn’t know it, but Gaja was actually sitting on the edge of a huge hot tub. I love that it looks like she’s basking in a private greenhouse instead!

B&W Mama & Me Nursing

I wanted to add color to some of these portraits and this gorgeous quilt made for the perfect pop of brightness. I’ve actually borrowed this quilt before (for my own maternity portrait / Christmas card photograph) so it was fun digging it out again – especially since it belonged to Gaja’s sister who passed away several years ago. I love that a part of Saule made it into Isla’s portraits!

That SMILE! Beyond cute.

Gaja and Isla, you are both so beautiful and your sweet relationship is a joy to capture. Gaja, I love watching you grow into your new role as a mother. Your love for Isla shines through everything you do. Isla, you’ve got a long line of older cousins who can’t wait to play with you and teach you all sorts of fun things. Povi talks constantly about you and watching “Baby Isla” movies on Snapchat is a highlight of his day. We love you both!


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