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I often describe my Instagram feed as one of my last and favorite just-for-guilty-pleasure apps. As someone who spends way too much time on every other form of social media for business purposes, this is something to be cherished. Don’t get me wrong: I’ll occasionally and tantalizingly attempt to lure followers to my blog by posting a recent favorite photo from a shoot (I’ll probably do that with this post, in fact), but let’s face it: as far as social media goes, facebook does a lot more for me marketing-wise. And I’m okay with that. Because I honestly get such simple pleasure from scrolling through my IG feed, I try hard not to post too many business-related photos.

I love seeing my friends’ day-to-day lives through simple yet beautiful snapshots. I rarely follow ‘gramers who post nothing but fuzzy or boring images. I resent ads, especially when they’re so pretty that it takes me a minute to realize they’re sponsored. And I love finding new favorite feeds.

Here are a few of my own favorites:

@JustinaBlakeney: A designer whose photos just scream color and texture and perfection. I could scroll through these pretties all day long.

IG Faves

@pketron: Pei is a photographer, educator, and traveler. Her photos give me glimpses of places I haven’t been yet, but now really want to go. Case in point: she was just in ANTARCTICA. Awesome? Absolutely. I love how she uses light in her photos and the clean geometry of her compositions.

Fave IG

 @MissZaliBlog: a fifteen year old blogger who lives in Australia. All her photos are always so full of life and creativity! She’s a photographer, an artist, and a blogger and her images feel like a sweet breath of fresh Australian delight. Also: I kind of adore her face drawings. Makes me wish I was this talented at fifteen!IG FavoriteI’d love to see some of your favorite Instagrammers! Also: who else gets really confused by how many fashion bloggers post photos of themselves carrying flowers in their purses? Maybe it’s because it’s spring, but I swear every other photo on my feed has this going on and all I can think is “WHY ARE YOU GETTING THE INSIDE OF YOUR PURSE DIRTY!? If you’ve ever done this, please explain. Or else I will have to run to the store to buy some flowers and try it out for myself. I can promise you this, it ain’t gonna be pretty.




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