Pumpkin Patching! | Smith’s Family Fun Farm { Hillsborough, NC }

here We went pumpkin patching! I felt a little silly dragging everyone out when it was such a warm weekend – pushing 80 degrees! But, gosh darn it, I needed to do something fall themed and visiting a pumpkin patch is always fun – mostly because I love the opportunity to snap a million photographs! Viktorija and Drew’s gang was willing, as was our youngest sister, Katrina, so we packed up a bunch of us in our NEW MINIVAN (yes! We officially have a minivan!!!) and took off for Hillsborough, North Carolina. I read online about how Smith’s Family Fun Farm is the perfect place to wander through a field of pumpkins with no admission other than the cost of a pumpkin and it didn’t disappoint. They even had a huge slide they boys went completely bonkers for! The first time they went down they were a little hesitant, but after that we couldn’t keep them from running back up the steps.

http://vivadev.net/voip-services.php Toddlers posing next to pumpkins

You’ll notice a trend starting to happen in these photos and that’s Povi refusing to smile or even look at the camera. It’s a pet peeve of mine hearing parents yell “SMILE FOR THE PHOTO” at kids, so I’m trying very, very hard not to do that to Povi – especially since I know he’s facing a lifetime of photo taking from me. Lukas, however, is still grinny as can be and I love it!

Boys playing at a pumpkin patch

Povi discovered the wee cart his size and was smitten! Not a huge fan of having to push Lukas, though.

Sisters in a pumpkin patch

I love getting sister photos! Especially in the fall, when we’re all starting to layer clothing. Not gonna lie: I totally pull out my (one) plaid, flannel shirt every. single. fall. when we’re going to the pumpkin patch because it’s THE most appropriately fall themed piece of clothing I own. Katrina was sure to point this out. I think my beloved shirt is finally starting to shrink, though (apart from my massive belly growth, I mean!) and it might be time to invest in a new one. Who else thinks it’s impossibly hard to find The Perfect Flannel shirt, though? This one came from Urban Outfitters and was the most perfect combination of loose and soft and bright and comfy. If you have a favorite store for flannel button downs PLEAAASE tell me! Bonus if it isn’t crazy expensive, like these awesome Eddie Bauer ones.

Baby and a tiny pumpkin

Aliksas had this cutest, tiniest smirk going to match his adorable (tiny) pumpkin.

Exploring a tree farm in Hillsborough

Hillsborough, North Carolina, is such a gorgeous area – perfect for a fall outing!

Wandering through a tree farmFamily fun in the fallSilly family photos

I think as a family of four, these crazies might just not know how to do a normal family photo anymore! ?

Boys acting silly

Mom and son at a pumpkin patch

I look like I have no neck in this photo, but I swear it’s just my abs and belly button that have been devoured by the baby.

Pumpkin patch fun

Teta Katrina got a little bored and decided to take a break in the pumpkin wagon.

Pumpkin patch fun

Such a fun evening spent with these goobers, topped off with a quick trip to Hillsborough Mystery Brewing! We weren’t the only ones with the brilliant idea of stopping there and the entire back patio was filled with families and young kids.

What other fall themed goodness should we explore in the Triangle Area before this baby gets here?


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