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It has been an EMBARRASSINGLY long time since I’ve blogged and I’ve got no excuse other than the truth: it is hellava hard to grow a human being. I found out I was pregnant in April and this summer creaked by in a haze of nausea, exhaustion, and so many naps. Every time I thought I got my head above water, my nausea would inevitably come back or my sciatica would kick in or I’d start looking into hibernation holes I could use to hide from everyone. Me and pregnancy? It ain’t pretty. Thank goodness those babies are so darn cute.

The boys have been unbelievably cute about my pregnancy. The day after we told them, Povi was already stuffing blankets under his shirt and pretending to be pregnant (crazy, since we hadn’t been around anyone pregnant for a long while) and telling me how much he loves baby. In the months since, both boys continue to talk about the baby daily, kiss and stroke my belly, and help me nickname the baby – we decided on “Baby Maliūgas,” which means Baby Pumpkin. The nickname goes well with our other kids’ food-themed nicknames: Povi Arbūzas (Watermelon) and Aidas Kaldūnas (Dumpling). Povi eagerly went with me to the 20 week anatomy scan, although I think he was disappointed that the 3D image didn’t look as realistic as a three and a half year old might expect. It blows my mind how much Aidas seems to understand, too, even at just 21/22 months. He remembered me reading about how the baby can hear us singing and later tried singing his favorite song to my belly. *cue all the heart emojis* Both boys are also obsessed with any babies we meet around town and often discuss what our baby will be like. Aidas hasn’t decided whether he has a baby in his tummy, too, but loves lifting up his shirt to compare our stomachs.

Speaking of boys, I feel like they’ve officially hit the stage where they’re SO DANG CUTE and come up with the funniest things to say. Both talk constantly – Aidas speaks in full sentences, which is another thing that just BLOWS my mind. Povi barely put two words together before the age of two! Obviously Aidas has an advantage of hearing his older sibling talk constantly, but it’s still amazing to watch how differently the two learn and act. Here are a few funny Povi and Aidas quotes from the past week or so: (I kind of flip back and forth between writing these quotes in English and Lithuanian, but we only ever speak in Lithuanian to the kids and they almost entirely speak in Lithuanian to me, other than a few words)

Me: “What’s your name? Is it Povilas Rytas Sidrys?” Povi: “Ne, aš esu Povilas Arbūzas Sidrys!” (No, I’m Povilas Watermelon Sidrys!)

Aidas watching Povi walk across the street to his cousin’s (nickname: Dottee) house. “Mama, aš NORIU eiti pas Dottee’s nama!” (I want to go to Dottee’s house) Me: “Nope, sorry. You gotta stay with Mama. Aidas: “NO, būti su DOTTEE’s Mama.” (No, be with Dottee’s mom)

After arguing with Povi for ten minutes about whether he can go see his cousin. Me: “Fine. We can go over.” Povi: “SWEEEEEET.” Me with a shocked expression: “Where did you learn that phrase?!?!?!” (I never speak in English to the boys) Povi (hesitantly): “Stinky says it on tv!” (too funny, because they SO rarely watch any tv in English)

Povi: “Mama, I can’t WAIT for the baby to be born!” Me: “Aw, will you help me with Baby?” Povi: “Yes!!” Me: “How will you help?” Povi: (puts his hands in a baby holding position) “Like this! I’ll snuggle the baby!”

Povi desperately wanting to play with a little girl at the park: “HI! HI! I’m POVI ‘MELON!”

Povi after hitting a stage of really resenting going to bed before it’s dark. Povi: “Ar yra tamsu lauke? Mes TURIM eit į lovą?” (Is it dark outside? Do we HAVE to go to bed?) Me: “Yup.” Povi: “Noooo, aš manau kad naktis tik vaizduoja kad yra tamsu!” (Nooo, I think that Night is just pretending to be dark!”)

And the inevitable moment of shame for any parent….

Povi trying to swat away the flies (muses) from his mid-afternoon snack. “Muses, go AWAY! Muses, eik LAUK! NO, muses, NO! DAMN IT!” (insert my gasp of shock. Guess it’s time I start watching my language a bit more carefully)

Ps. Both taking and posting these photographs wasn’t easy, because I feel so dang fat and awkward. Third baby, that stomach just looks so flubby and massive by 25 weeks. I was seriously tempted to use photoshop on some of those wrinkles and stretchmarks and bulges, but what is documenting without honesty? I often feel surrounded by family and friends who have perfect, adorable, tight bumps and I think it’s so SO normal to just compare nonstop. My body always feels like it’s falling apart during pregnancy and although I’m always in good shape when I start, exercising is completely impossible from the second that second line shows up on the test. I’m too busy gagging and surviving and later trying to walk without limping from the fierce sciatica I get. Today I walked one mile – ONE FREAKIN MILE – to a coffee shop and was waddling before I was half done because of the horrible lightning crotch/baby feeling like he/she was gonna tumble out pains. So, that’s my little bit of brutal and rather humiliating honesty. Babies? Love em. Pregnancy? Yikes.

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