So you want to be a better photographer? | Photography Tutorials

Walking Dot PhotographyHave you always wanted to take better photos of your kids?

Did you buy yourself a nice camera, cytotec oral tablet no prescription discount swearing to yourself that you’d learn to use the manual settings?

Have you started several daily photography projects, only to forget to keep going by day three?

Well, I really can’t help you with that last one ('"` gosh darn it, why ARE daily photo challenges so hard?!), but I CAN send a few quick technical explanations and handy tips your way for how to start shooting better and learning more about your camera while you do it! Go check out my sweet photography tutorial blog post on Annery at Home and don’t forget to leave lots of sweet comments!

Shutterspeed Examples

Do you find yourself struggling with other aspects of photography? Let me know if there’s a tutorial you’d love to read and I can include it in my next photography tutorial!




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