Go Bananas! {Povi’s First Birthday Party}

What kind of party do you throw when the only thing your one-year-old is absolutely and positively obsessed with are bananas? Why, a banana themed party, of course! No monkeys, just bananas.


Povi turned one waaay back in March, so these photos are a little late in coming. But I was reminded by several people recently that I had never posted them and I was wayyy too proud of my hand-drawn banana bunting to let these photos wither away in cyberspace.


Bananas, Bananas, and more bananas!

I’m seriously not kidding when I say Povi is obsessed with bananas. Every single morning, without fail, he wakes up and the first word out of his mouth is “baba?” Up until last week, that was pretty much the only word he knew, so maybe that had something to do with it, too. No joke: he won’t say “mama,” but will say “baba” all. day. long.

He loved these monthly photos I printed out and hung up in the living room. Whenever possible, he’d beg me to lift him up so that he could point to each one and hear me say “Baby Povi!”

We’re one week away from moving out of this apartment, almost everything is in boxes, and yet these banana banners are still hanging up proudly. Why? Because Povi gets so much pleasure out of them, that I just can’t get myself to take them down. “Baba?!” he’ll ask happily, pointing up at the banners. Yes, Povinator: those are your babas.

My mom laughed when she saw me making the little banana birthday hat. It came out so cute, that I really regret completely forgetting to put it on his head for the cake cutting. Alas!


Ahhh, the cake.

Some well-meaning mother on the internet told me sanctimoniously that children really shouldn’t be eating honest-to-goodness, with-sugar-added cake for their first birthday. Pardon me while I barf in the corner. Yes, healthy food is all well and good. No, kids don’t NEED sugar. Absolutely, staying away from sugar as often as possible is a great idea. But hell if I’m going to spend hours making some carrot-and-squash muffin “cake” for Povi’s party. Chocolate all the way, baby. I knew he wouldn’t care at all what his cake was, but for goodness sake – this party is also for ME. After 37 hours of labor, including 5 hours of active pushing, weeks of miserable recovery, 11 months of breastfeeding, and a year of chasing around Povi, I darn well deserve chocolate. *rant over*


Povi’s outfit was my personal favorite bit of planning. Yes, I’m that ridiculous.

First I spotted these amazing banana harem pants on Etsy (by Miss Molly June Designs) and just could. not. resist. I had scoured all the normal stores before falling back on Etsy and, ironically, right after Povi’s party all of them (including Old Navy and H&M) began carrying baby banana pants. Oh well, these are totally cuter. The onesie I bought for a fantastic deal on primary.com and I just love how soft and well-made it is. They’ve got a gorgeous palette of solid color clothing for babies, so you should totally check it out if you ever find yourself needing something as specific as a purple onesie or lime green baby leggings. (they also have great coupons!) We borrowed the black suspenders from our good friend, Frankie, and my mom made the black & white bib to match the lining of the pants. Finally, the moccasins. After obsessively stalking a Buy/Sell/Trade fb group, I scored these gorgeous Freshly Picked moccasins for half their normal price. In my defense, Povi really needed a new pair of shoes and these shoes have ridiculously good sell-back value. Freshly Picked actually had just came out with banana print moccasins, but I liked how these green mocs matched his outfit better. Povi loves wearing these shoes and I’m looking forward to seeing his little footprint appear on the bottom of them as he wears them in.

Bananas The singing and candle completely bewildered Povi, but he was excited (as always) to be near his Tete.

After the second or third verse of the Lithuanian “Happy Birthday” song, he had enough.

He showed his disgust at the whole affair by shredding his cake and then throwing it all over the floor.

(See, sanctimonious internet mommy, no need to worry about unnecessary sugar consumption!)

Oh, Povi! You brighten our days and our hearts with all of your happiness and joy! Happy birthday, kiddo, and may the next year be as full of wonder and discovery and growth! Myliu!



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