Ten in Five ’till Spring : Garfield Park Conservatory

blog here Are you completely over all this winter cold and ice?
Me, too. Which is why I came up with this fantastic list of things to do in Chicago to make these in-between months ’till spring go by faster.

http://tssiglobal.com/index.html Winter Chicago Flowers

The Garfield Park Conservatory has been on my list of places to visit for wayyy too long. Actually, pretty much since I moved here two years ago. Once I actually started trying to get out there, though, I realized that not only was it rather inaccessible from where I lived, but also in a pretty sketchy neighborhood. Meaning it was better to find someone to drive me, than to take public transportation. Thankfully, I have an amazing sister-in-law who adores green places and warmth just as much as I do!

Chicago FlowersMaternity Chicago

Because the flower room was just bursting with beautiful colors and smells, Vija and I decided it was the perfect spot for taking some belly bump photos. I love how sweetly Vija is looking down at her baby here!

Chicago Greenhouse

Reasons to visit the conservatory: a. It’s awesome. b. It’s awesome. c. It’s awesome.

Oh, you need more reasons? Okay, how about these: walking into such a warm and humid building in the middle of such a cold winter is like heaven on earth. You step inside and suddenly, you can smell. Fragrant flowers and moist soil and sweet fruits. Gah, it’s amazing. Being around greenery is also incredibly calming.

Plus, it’s FREE. You’re more than welcome to leave a donation at the door, but both street parking and entrance into the conservatory is free. There’s also a neat little children’s room in the back with a slide.

Chicago Winter GreeneryGarfield Garden Umbrellas

I’m not sure what the meaning behind the yellow umbrella display was, but it made for a fun background!

Greenhouse Chicago

Have I convinced you yet? If not, what are your favorite winter escapes?



ps. Interested in joining up with me for the #TeninFivetillSpring challenge? Join me either in person or through twitter! 🙂

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