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cheap alternative to augmentin Welcome to my virtual tour of our cozy little fixer upper home. After regaling you with my woes of our unfinished backyard, the next stop on this tour is my toddler’s forest & bug themed bedroom!

buy femara canada The second I began planning out what Povi’s room would look like, I knew I wanted something with trees, bugs. flowers, and plants. This kid adores being outdoors and holds a special place in his heart for bugs and dirt. His favorite book right now is Du Iz Tak? (serious kudos to Inga for that first birthday gift!) and one of his favorite chores is helping me water all of our outdoor plants. Because of this, I loved the idea of creating a room for him that is reminiscent of a cozy forest garden.

A Forest & Bug Themed Bedroom for Povi

Combining bright colors, bold patterns, and interesting textures makes me happy, but I also have a serious love of keeping things minimalist enough to make cleaning FAST. I’ve never cleaned as much in my life as I do now that I’m a mother of two and a homeowner, so any room that I design in a quick-to-clean way makes me happy. Like any two and a half year old, Povi’s favorite past time seems to be dumping out EVERYTHING the second he walks into a room. With this in mind, the only toys in his room that he has access to all get put away in one, big basket that shuts. Easy, peasy. He loves books, but has a habit of leaving them around for his little brother to tear up, so we put a few shelves up high to keep his favorite paper books safe. He also has a small basket of board books he can access anytime, both in his room and downstairs. His blocks are usually put away in a fabric bag, making them easy to cart up and down the stairs. I couldn’t help but artfully stack them for this photo, however. I’m sure you’ll forgive me. 😉 His closet has child locks on it and I keep a few boxes of toys in there that I’ll rotate out every few months – keeps things fresh and interesting! Forest & Bug themed Bedroom

Toddler Forest themed room

I’m sure you’ll notice that Povi has a LOT of books in that bookcase that are more appropriate for an older age. There’s actually another full box in the closet, too, as well as more downstairs. As you know, I LOVE children’s books and have been collecting my favorites for years. Many of these were actually my own when I was little. While Povi isn’t old enough to enjoy them yet, I know that time will come sooner than I think. In anticipation, I have all my favorites out and ready!

The train table in the middle of the room has boards that flip up with painted train tracks on them on one side. When he’s in a train building mood, we turn those right side up. He and his dad will often play with LEGOs at night, though, and keeping the boards face down is helpful for spotting all those small pieces. (yes, my two and a half year old plays with the real LEGOs. Yes, it seems insane. But his dad is obsessed with them and still owns all of his childhood LEGOs, so it’s something they do together).

I’m proud of the fact that almost everything in this room was purchased used.

The train table ($30), hamper ($4), fake succulents ($1/each), and Rocking Moose ($10) were purchased used off a local Buy Sell Trade group. The bookshelf (real wood for $30!) and toy basket ($3) were found at the local thrift store. The crib was given to us for free from the BST group and the lamp was a goodwill find ($4).

The dresser…well, that dresser was a work of love, let me tell you. My mom found someone giving it away for free near her home and my dad helped me haul it back to their house while we were living with them last summer (we were in the process of purchasing this house). I had NO idea how much work goes into redoing furniture and figured, “Hey! I’m very pregnant and pretty bored – sure! I’ll redo it.”

I knew I wanted to paint a forest mural on one wall of his bedroom, so I went ahead and bought the paint so I could match the dresser to the wall. Once I began sanding the top of the dresser, however, I discovered the wood underneath was very solid and very beautiful. I couldn’t put paint over that! I spent DAYS sanding the high gloss varnish off that bad boy. It was brutal. I also discovered that the sides of the dresser were veneer and – whoops! I managed to sand that too much. Which meant I had to buy more veneer. And stain it. And glue it on. There are some air bubbles I trapped, so it’s not a perfect job, but it still looks pretty darn good. I loved the idea of combining stain and paint, so I painted the front of the dresser drawers and bought new hardware. All in all, I spent about $100 on paint, stain, veneer, and hardware. I probably spent close to thirty hours working on it, too. I officially have zero desire to do that again any time soon.

The only items purchased new were these octagonal shelves at Target, these Ikea spice rack shelves I stained and hung up for books, and the blackout curtains. The Alice in Wonderland print I won from an Instagram giveaway by Studio Senn. Povi’s patron saint is St. Pope John Paul II and the print hanging next to the bookshelf was purchased for him by his Godmother. I freehand painted the wall mural, but it was inspired by a whole bunch of different Pinterest images.

Forest & Bug themed BedroomToddler Forest themed room

I try to keep the top of the dresser pretty clean, so all that sits there is a few fake succulents, the lamp, a Studio Senn print that rests inside a cool wood knot from our backyard, Povi’s Dohm sound machine, and a little CD player (he likes to listen to Lithuanian lullabies at night). I hung a hook up next to his floating shelves for a seasonal hat. The bug hat is from Target and he loved wearing it to church in the summer. We’ve recently switched it out for a cooler weather hat, however.

Forest & Bug themed BedroomToddler Forest themed roomToddler Forest themed room

This room is perfect because the boys really can play in it for hours. We have a gate at the top of the stairs, so if I shut the doors to the other bedrooms and bathroom, I can be cleaning my room or getting dressed while they play without worrying about them getting into trouble. Sometimes I’ll throw a gate up across the bedroom door if I want to make sure they both stay inside. All the furniture is secured to the walls, though, and thankfully neither of my boys are true climbers. The most Aidas will do is climb on top of the train table or toy basket.

When we moved into the house, we had to replace all the flooring, so the entire upstairs has this incredibly thick and soft carpet. I love that it’s super comfortable to sit on their floor, although we finally put a tarp under Povi’s bed when he night potty trained in a desperate attempt to save the carpet from getting disgusting, it was a good idea to look into getting the best carpet stain remover just in case there was an accident. I totally removed that for photos, but you can be sure that it’s back there in real life for the occasional accident. :p One day, when he stops getting the stomach flu every five seconds, I’ll remove the tarp again. Aidas will probably move into this room with Povi sometime in the next year, at which point we will either have to get a bunk bed (which scares me, no lie) or two small beds.

So that’s Povi’s forest & bug themed bedroom! What do you think?





PS. Do you enjoy these home tours? What room would you like to see next?

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