February Recap { 365 Day Photography Challenge }

February Recap of my 365 Day Photography Challenge: Yes, I’m totally posting this recap in April. I’m a bit behind on blogging, oops. February actually went really really well. My half-brained scheme of a theme that month was color coordination. Yep, you guessed it: I actually had my entire instagram color coordinated. Am I crazy or what? About halfway through the month I was ready to throw in the towel, but  by that point I was committed. Before I tell you which photos were my favorite of the month, please take a moment (or two!) to bask in the delight that was my photo feed.

Collage of color coordinated photos

If you were able to peel your eyes away from the red battery icon on the top right (yes, I know how annoying that is to see) than wouldn’t you agree with me that my feed looked pretty perfect? Unfortunately, keeping my photos color coordinated took WAY too much time, so I’m pretty sure that’s my last time doing that. 😉 Now onto my favorite photos: I had a tough time picking (as always). Especially because, thanks to being very aware of what color was within my frame, I captured even more gorgeous colors and textures than usual.

February Recap

http://garrybrownphotography.com/photos/ Top Left: This image wins first place for my being my favorite from the month. I am just a HUGE sucker for photos with a great light and shadow combination. Plus, I love that I caught a (very rare) moment of Povi sitting still and examining something.

cheap lasik eye surgery Top Right: I got this fantastic ottoman for free off a local freecycle Facebook group and I absolutely LOVED the pattern. Unfortunately, my husband (who rarely cares about how I decorate the house) really couldn’t stand it. In his words “If we lived in New Mexico, we could totally keep it, but it doesn’t go. So please can we get rid of it?” I passed it on to a good home, but only after capturing this image of Povi holding a vase of lavender.

Bottom Left: Another great highlight/shadows image, with the added bonus of this gorgeous quilt’s textures. The rounded shadows on Aido tummy gives a neat cadence to the composition, in my opinion.

Bottom Right: “DON’T PHOTOGRAPH MY FACE! I LOOK HIDEOUS TODAY!” <– Katrina’s words, not mine. Okay, maybe she didn’t see “hideous,” but there was definitely something said about no makeup and lots of pimples. She consented to twirl with Povi, though, and I just love how her hair is swirling in a dark cloud and the slightly worried look Povi is giving me. Yes, Povi, Katrina knows how to bring that out in the best of us. 😉

What was your favorite photo from February? Feel free to go back and check all of that month’s photos out on my feed – I’ve started adding dates to the photographs, to make it easier to figure out when I took them. 


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