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One of my favorite blogs to peruse is Beyond the Wanderlust, so I’m SO excited that one of my photos was recently featured on both their site and their Facebook page! A huge thanks to all my friends and followers who voted for my image! <3

Beyond the Wanderlust

Shh! Teeny tiny secret: I’ve actually been DYING to get featured on Beyond the Wanderlust for ages…and have submitted multiple photos over the years! The photographs they feature are always gorgeously stunning and visually fascinating – the kind of photos that really make you stop and stare. You can imagine my excitement when this portrait of Povi pushing his truck finally made in there! It was one of those photos that I almost didn’t take because the day was overly bright and uncomfortably warm. The sort of afternoon you’d rather spend sleeping in the shade. Povi was way more into his truck than in doing anything particularly interesting or photo-worthy, but I really needed a photo of the day to post for my 365 days of 2018 photography project. One of my favorite results of this project is that I’m really learning to shoot interesting photos, even when at first glance I think there’s nothing to document. On this particular day, I noticed all the sawdust that was in our yard. We had just gotten over twelve trees chopped down and our entire property was covered in the stuff. Povi was dutifully moving it back and forth across our backyard in his truck and I noticed how it glittered whenever he threw some in the air. I decided to pitch a heaping handful of it up above Povi’s head and just managed to grab this shot with my other hand as Povi zoomed his way through the shimmering cloud of dust. Talk about magical moments!


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