Anticipation { A Fall Wish List }

All month I’ve been savoring the end of summer, wistfully soaking it all in before it ends. The sunny days. The dripping watermelon on the back porch. Photos in bright sunlight. Walking barefoot on sizzling pavement. Tank tops slipped over tan shoulders. I didn’t even want to hear about fall. But suddenly, in the middle of listening to someone describe their classes and new schedule, a nostalgic surge for cool weather and bright leaves hit me hard. I felt the urge to sniff newly-sharpened pencils, lovingly stroke college lined paper, wrap a soft scarf around my neck, and snuggle by a bonfire. Hand me a pumpkin spiced latte and I’ll be the basic-est brunette in town. 

Fall wish list

As much as I don’t miss school, I do miss the feeling of a fresh new year of learning and walking across a campus with a backpack full of new books. All this to say, I’m finally anticipating fall. This summer was the first in a long time that I didn’t create a massive list of things I wanted to do. Honestly, I didn’t want to look back and regret everything I didn’t get around to – the idea of simply enjoying each day without a goal in mind seemed appropriate for this season in life. That said, my list-loving-self is craving some fall organization. And lists are rather delightful. Rather than making it into a to-do list, I’d like to think of this as a lovely fall wish list. Whatever gets done, gets done! Pictures likely accompanying it, as always. I’m loving all the new friends I’ve been making over the past year as we settle into our new city, so if you’re intrigued by something on my list, reach out! I’m always looking for spontaneous tag-alongs! <3

My Fall Wish List

  • is it safe to buy amoxicillin online uk Finishing fixing/cleaning/tidying/decluttering the living room. It’s been ground zero for too many home renovation projects this summer & I’m ready for it to be a place of peaceful relaxation. That, and Aidas is crawling and cruising like crazy, so I really need for the main floor of the house to be babyproofed again!



  • Go hiking. Two places I keep thinking of checking out are Pilot Mountain (two hours away, but looks gorgeous!) and Grandfather Mountain (haven’t been there since I was about 12!)


  • Set up my new desk space. I’m getting so excited about fall portrait sessions and want to be sure I’m completely organized by then.


  • Host a dinner. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but other than family and spur-of-the-moment invites, we’ve never actually invited friends over for dinner. At our old apartment we just didn’t have much room. Now, with multiple kids, it seems more intimidating, somehow. I’m not a bad cook, but I’m convinced that the second someone comes over to dinner all my mad skills (exaggeration) will fly out the window.


  • Go pumpkin picking! My mom made fun of me last year for wanting to do this so badly, but it always turns out to be such a fun family outing – even when it’s not super chilly and the pumpkin patch is muddy. We ended up going to a local brewery afterwards last year and I have such fond memories of that day.


  • Plan & put together fun costumes for Halloween. I’m a bit obsessed with Halloween costumes. Like, reeeeally obsessed. I don’t have a photo of our bird costumes from last year on the blog, but here was the year we did Kermit, Miss Piggy, & Animal and, of course, Toothless & Astrid were pretty fun, too.


  • Enjoy a flight of ciders at Bull City CiderWorks. Because cider is delicious, duh. And very fall-ish.


  • Create a massive fall calendar that includes play dates, neat adventures, AND some monthly saints’ days to celebrate. I listened to this podcast with Lisa Kirk and was inspired to begin living a more liturgical life. Cool saints who have feast days in September: Birth of the Virgin Mary, St. Cosmos & St. Damian, & feast day of the archangels Michael, Raphael, & Gabriel.


  • Run (or walk. I’m not picky) a 5k I have an on-again/off-again relationship with running. After having kids, my hips were a no-go for running for the longest time. Just recently, I was able to start again and it felt SO good. Buuut now my sciatica is coming back and I’m wondering if the running did it. :/ So I might be stuck walking.


  • Visit the Nasher Museum of Art Another sweet place I have yet to visit.


  • Find a weekend to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway for leaf peeping season. After living in Asheville for ten years, the Blue Ridge definitely holds a corner of my heart forever and always. Thinking about it makes me immediately want to open my windows, listen to slow and lazy music, and find a field to lay in.

What am I forgetting? Who wants to join me for one of these?




PS. Why is it when kids are dressed semi-cute, they instinctively know to look anywhere but the camera?

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