Exploring with Povi { Ethan’s Elephant Collaboration }

Thank you to Ethan’s Elephant for sponsoring this post! All opinions, stylings, and photographs are 100% my own. 

It was one of the last deliciously warm and sunny days of the summer. You could just tell the cooler weather was getting ready to roll in. Leaves had been falling for weeks despite the heat and our new backyard was like an enchanted forest full of crackling foliage and beckoning tendrils of ivy. Povi and I decided to use the opportunity to explore our seemingly endless half acre of yard. Despite having lived here for a few months now, I really haven’t had too many opportunities to really inspect and delight in it. For being such a small space, there’s a surprisingly vast array of variety packed into our back yard, including but not limited to: a large deck, multiple staircases, a raised garden bed, a shed, two fenced in plots, an adorable gate, a wee little bridge over a (sometimes) rushing creek (but mostly empty creek bed), and a lushly forested plot ideal for adventures, explorations, many a game of hide ‘n seek, and possibly some chickens and bee hives and a goat or two. Basically: a child’s dream come true!

Boy peeking through gate

Povi usually is only allowed on the back deck, so he couldn’t quite believe I was giving him permission to wander further. At first, I had to coax him across the bridge, since he found the gate itself to be as fun as anything else he could imagine. Open, close, open, close – he seemed quite content to dash in and out, to the sound of his dad hammering on the deck. Wearing the most cunning little outfit from Ethan’s Elephant comprised of old-fashion khaki overalls, a linen checked shirt in the palest blue, and a wee bowtie, he looked like a little squire boy playing in a secret garden.

Povi in the woods

The outfit was so soft and cute – perfect, I think, for a summer ring bearer’s outfit or to just make any toddler boy look dashingly handsome for a special event. Given the hipster vibes I was getting, I decided to pair it with Povi’s favorite pair of Freshly Picked moccasins.

Toddler Wandering over a bridge

I stumbled across Ethan’s Elephant when I was searching for a cute take-home outfit for Baby #2 and was immediately enamored with their clothing because of how each outfit is so unique and timeless. Soft colors, quint illustrations, and adorable details are what this company is all about and I love that. (Also, FREE SHIPPING to the US – hello awesomeness!) I find it weirdly difficult to find clothes for Povi that are different and interesting – not your typical variety of boy’s clothing – so this website is getting bookmarked and favorited for sure.

Boy in a mustache bow tie

Have you noticed that bow tie yet, by the way? That’s right, folks, it’s a MUSTACHE. How hilariously wonderful is that?!?!

Unique toddler clothing for little boys

My only complaint with this outfit is that Povi figured out how to pull the shoulder straps down and then couldn’t resist doing it about every five minutes or so. Crisscrossing them in the back, though, seems like the perfect way to avoid that. He was hilariously terrified of me pinning the mustache bowtie on him, but then once it was actually on the shirt, I was thrilled to discovered that not only could he not take it off (unlike some clip-on ties we own), but he also promptly forgot about it. #win Best of all, Povi seemed comfortable and loose in the clothes, able to run around and explore our land properly and with great delight. Exactly what children’s clothes should be like!

Unique toddler clothing for boysDetails of an Ethan's Elephant outfit

Playing by a house in cute clothes

Peeking through a fence

Despite being a photographer and taking millions (zillions) of photos, I feel like I don’t do this enough: clear my schedule to just spend an hour or so taking photographs of Povi. At the beginning of this year I started the 365 day project which failed miserably because I got pregnant and oh-so-morning-and-afternoon-and-pretty-much-all-day-sick so this is the first time I’ve really focused on photographing Povi in a while. And guys? He’s pretty darn cute. 🙂 And there’s going to be a SECOND little one around here so soon! Not sure which I’m more excited about: snuggling that new little squish, seeing Povi as the big and capable older brother, ooooor just being done being pregnant. Ehhh, scratch that: last one won definitely wins. ?





PS. Do yourself a favor and jump on over to this site: what’s your favorite outfit? Which should I get for baby 2?!

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