December Musings

navigate to this web-site Tastylia France My busy season has finally come to a close and I’m delightedly hunkering down for the winter, watching the world turn white as I clean off my desk and prepare for the Christmas season. December is here.

December Snow

A friend asked me what I’d fill my days with during my off-season and the ideas came pouring out, like wildly excited puppies. I’m eager to blog again, to find time to pray and meditate, to bake warm cookies that fill the apartment with delicious smells, and to go for spontaneous outings with my favorite partner in crime (who has already promised me lots of Instagram-able moments to make all you other bloggers turn green with envy). I have a box spilling over with lusciously printed photos just aching to be given an album-home, a half-finished 30-before-30 list with an April 17th deadline, dozens of titles scrawled down on a “library reading list,” and a promise to start wearing the fashionable items I know my closet must still hold somewhere (buried behind all the worn black leggings and baby-puked-on sweaters, I’m sure).

I’ve decorated the apartment for Advent, a task only subtly different than decorating an apartment for Christmas. I decided that this year our Advent theme will be white twinkly lights, to be replaced with colored lights at the start of the Christmas season. Or so the plan goes…really, my postpartum brain just forgot we had colored lights (despite always using colored lights) and I haven’t felt the need to switch them out yet. Or to put ornaments on the Christmas tree. But that’s okay, because we’re still waiting for the celebration, right? #usingcatholicasanexcuse There’s a great big pile of gifts wrapped, but I’m questioning whether the wrapping will survive Povi’s teeth till Christmas day. We mistakenly believed stacking the gifts near Povi’s crib was a good idea. A rookie parenting mistake. The result? One mischievously happy baby staying mysteriously quiet upon waking for far too long and munching his way through three different gift tags. That hungry caterpillar ain’t got nothing on Povi, I tell you. Thankfully, the present he managed to snag into the crib somehow eluded his efforts at unwrapping.

I’ve started drinking hot tea again in the mornings, a ritual spurred on either from the bitter cold or the sneezing and coughing the cold weather brings. I can’t drink it too hot, though, so I usually wait until the conclusion of Povi’s frantically-paced breakfast to sit and sip. Holiday cards fill our mailbox each evening and I get way too much joy in opening each one, then pinning them up in the space between the front windows. In the evening, when I cook dinner (usually an every-other-day occurrence, with leftover in between) the windows steam up all over the apartment, making all the decorations look even more bright and cheerful. Small, top story apartment living, yo. While everyone else is bringing out their humidifiers to combat the winter dryness, here we are blasting our dehumidifier. Our evening ritual has become dinner for Povi (never less than three courses), a bath (during which he joyfully splashes me as often as possible, while simultaneously trying to sneak in drinks of the bath water), snuggles and kisses and a last nursing session before bed, and then peaceful chilling out on the couch while I wait for Vincas to come home. Adulting is often hard and long and sometimes lonely, but I’ve really been enjoying this past week. <3



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