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see page This past weekend I was over-the-moon excited to finally meet so many of the wonderful ladies whose blogs I follow and who I’ve gotten to know through the Catholic Women’s Blogging Network. And by “over-the-moon” I mean I was totally star-struck with shyness and am hoping I managed to stumble through semi-normal conversations. 😉

robaxin 500 onlike no prescription Bonnie from A Knotted Life and Katrina from Cedars & Tiny Flowers both outdid themselves in planning this fun mini-conference and in between stuffing our faces with delicious food and giggling over cute kiddos (or gabbing about all the baby bumps present!), I managed to make it to several of the presentations and capture a bunch of quick headshots before Tess and I had to dash back to Chicago for a baby shower.

Blogging Conference

Did I also mention this was my first time on the campus of Notre Dame?! The grounds looked so lovely, I was sad that our trip was more of a zoom in/zoom out sort of affair. I’ll definitely have to come back here at some point to really wander around and see all the places Tess has told me about.

Blogging Conference

Women Bloggers

Blogging ConferenceBlogging Conference

If you’re a blogger, getting together with a whole bunch of other bloggers is SUCH a fun way to learn and mingle. Hearing another blogger talk about what works for them, design tips, and ideas on how to improve your own blog is such a valuable thing, but even more so is being able to put faces to names and knowing you have a community to reach out to for encouragement and advice.

Blogging Conference

Women Bloggers

Blogging ConferenceBlogging Conference

It was such a pleasure meeting all of you!!Looking forward to keeping up with you through your blogs! Grace, I’m so sorry you and your family were sick and that you weren’t able to make it – hoping to meet you at the next get-together! 🙂



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