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How stinkin cute is this fall family portrait my sister captured during our pumpkin patch trip a few weekends ago? You can’t quite tell that Povi is shrieking bloody murder and Aidas was alternating between sobbing and laughing. #reallife Here’s a quick Friday reading / listening / watching post for you to keep it real. Enjoy!

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Reading: As always, my bookshelf is pleasantly full. I just flew through Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens for my book club and it was a really fun read in the moment. Afterwards, while inhaling a sinful amount of fancy cheese and semi-cheap wine, we all happily tore it apart. I thoroughly enjoyed how the book was set in the The Great Dismal Swamp of North Carolina. The writing also contained perfectly beautiful descriptions that brought Eastern NC to life, but the plot was implausible at best and the characters a little frustrating. With one week left to finish Less by Andrew Sean Greer and despite its Pulitzer Prize, I gotta tell you…I ain’t into it. The character is such a snooze and I just want to give him a giant kick in the pants. To offset that, I’m also listening to Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner on Hoopla. I’ve followed her Instagram for ages and am intrigued to learn more about her life, since I always enjoy reading her posts. How amazing is this climbing wall in her son’s bedroom, by the way? When we have a home with taller ceilings, I’d totally be tempted to create something like that for Povilas!

Watching: Season three of Grantchester is up on Amazon Prime! Vincas and I so thoroughly enjoyed the previous seasons that, having whipped through it so quickly, we don’t remember it at all and started from scratch. It’s a little sad how serious I am. This realization has led me to once again think about cutting back on our tv time. It’s so HARD when we’re both zonked by six pm, though. Got any tips or tricks? Send em my way! Regardless, who else is fascinated by Sidney Chamber’s hair color in this television show? Is it red? Is it brown? IS IT UMBRE? Please, someone, tell me if it’s real or just a really weird hair dye job.

Eating: Beer bread. So delicious. So wonderfully fall. So not healthy for me. Make this recipe by Honest Fare and it’ll change your life (or at least any boring dinner plans). And if you’re nervous about baking bread, don’t be. It takes three minutes to dump together the dry ingredients with a beer and then you just throw it all in the oven. SO SO EASY.

Listening to: Mostly 99 Percent Invisible, as linked above. Podcasts are my jam at the moment, since this season of life contains so many repetitious tasks. Wash the dishes, make meals, wash more dishes, clean the floors – podcasts make these jobs fly by faster!

Wearing: Leggings and baggie hoodies mostly. My closet needs some help. I’ve discovered this fall that all of my winter shoes have either fallen apart or need to be fixed. I have a bag of expensive boots headed to the shoe cobbler for new soles, two pairs of sneakers headed for the trash, and no sign of my favorite red Toms. I really don’t want to buy new, so I might start stalking our local Buy Sell Trade group for a gently used pair. Our weather hasn’t quite settled down yet (hot! warm! cold! warm!), so I’m mostly still wearing tshirts (I have a new obsession with this Madewell tshirt. It really is as amazing as everyone says and hasn’t stretched out, pilled, or shrunk).

Anticipating: Aido first birthday in a few weeks! I can not believe this kiddo will be ONE soon! He seems like he should be one and a half, at least. Mostly because his older cousin, Ollie, turned one back in August and they seem the same age. We’ll be having family and a few friends over for a bonfire party and I’m trying to decide whether his smash cupcake should have a bonfire on it, stars and a moon, or a bear. I’m leaning towards a bonfire, because it seems just ridiculous enough that WholeFoods will probably do it. Especially since they made a Hotdog cupcake for his cousin.

What books should I add to my December reading list? My library queue is shockingly empty and I feel that strange, desperate need to add a solid two dozen books to it. Inspire me!


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