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buy clomid online au Guys, is there possibly anything better than a sparkling clean apartment?! I’ve spent most of my day running errands, shopping for food, making calls, and cleaning, so sitting down in a room that smells like lemon cleaner and freshly vacuumed rug feels pretty. darn. good. Vincas is in the thick of exams and has been passed out cold on the sofa since coming home from classes at about 1:30pm. I’ve got a frozen pizza ready to pop in the oven for dinner and I’m already questioning my resolution to go work out at the gym tonight. Instead of trying to convince myself of the importance of exercising, I’m sitting here and rounding up some of my week’s favorite links. Ready?

buy cheap generic viagra online Clicktastic Links

Next time you want to insult someone, tell them that their mother should have “thrown them away and kept the stork.” Yes, you guess it, this is a list of amazingly awesome insult quotes spoken by famous people.

One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah, recently linked this article that Alex wrote about how to get more people to read and share your blog post and I’m kind of in love with it. Are you a blogger? READ IT.

I knew coconut oil has about a million and one uses, but I only recently experienced some of them for myself. Everything from helping bruises heal, making pimples disappear, and getting rid of pesky skin fungi to hair conditioner and massage oil and…holy cow, it even helped the weird eye stye I had going on last week. TMI? Probably. But if you didn’t jump on this train last year, than do yourself a favor now and go get yourself a small jar.

I adore calligraphy and any sort of hand lettering, so I’m more than a little obsessed with Paula Duta’s work. The intricacy of those bugs is just mind-blowing- AND they’re drawn with colored pencils, whaaaat?!!?

One of the many errands I was running this morning included going to Home Depot to buy the parts to make this Photography Backdrop Stand. I don’t shoot inside often, but this will be perfect for using occasionally (mostly for professional head shots) and easily storing during the off-times. Best part? I was going to spend over a hundred dollars on a stand & backdrop off amazon, but this one only cost me $52 for both the stand and a huge roll of black canvas to use as a backdrop. WIN.

Finally, to finish off this post, here’s just a random photo of my gorgeous friend, Monika, who I visited in Boston two weekends ago. Before all the crazy blizzarding happened, obviously.

Boston Public Garden

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