Carter & Jacob | 6 Month Twin Portrait Session { Cary, NC }

This summer has been flying by so quickly, that I’ve barely had a chance to blog any of the beautiful families I’ve been photographing this year! Meet Carter and Jacob, two of the cutest little twin brothers on this side of North Carolina! Photographing this twin portrait session was such a delight and I’ve realized I LOVE taking six month portraits – it’s that perfect age where babies have just started cautiously attempting to sit, but can’t wriggle away. They also adore looking at the camera and smiling! Double win!

Baby boys posing on a bedCary Family Portrait session

Since it was a gray and chilly spring day, we began the session inside. These large windows let in just enough light and shadows and I might have basked in how gorgeous they all looked as the twins laughed and cooed and played with their parents.

Mother and baby boy

Cary Family

Twin Portrait Session

But seriously, how adorable can they be?!?

Cary Family Portrait Session

Modern portrait of a boy

I’m always fascinated by how perfectly twins play together, even at such a young age. Obviously they’re pretty used to sharing space, but it’s still so fun to watch them chew on each other’s hands, curl up next to each other, and get in each other’s faces with irritating the other.

Twin boys

And how perfect is this nursery? I love their side-by-side cribs – I bet they have such a blast jabbering away to each other when they wake up in the morning!

Twin nursery

B&W portrait of a family

Baby twin brothers

Baby. Boys. In. Suspenders. Insert aaaaalll the heart emojis here. These two make quite the dapper pair.

Family Portrait Session

Twin boy details

6 month portrait session

Twins' feet

Twins with their mom

Thank you, B & C, for inviting me into your home! Your kiddos are so incredibly sweet and I can’t wait to see them grow!


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