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Lifestyle newborn photography sessions are both the most delightful and hardest type of work I do. Why the most delightful? That’s obvious, isn’t it? Newborn squishes are just so CUTE! Teeny, tiny limbs and sleepy eyes. Bodies so small they can fit in one hand. Make that double the fun and you’ve got TWINS! They instinctively lean in towards each other, their bodies fitting together like puzzle pieces. They’ve molded to each other’s shape in the womb for nine long months and haven’t quite figured out how to sleep comfortably without each other. And yet, taking photographs that authentically touch upon their relationship to each other, their family, and the world around them is tough. They’re so small, you have to work hard to capture their features without distorting their shape. Their little bodies sink into the comforting warmth of their parents and can easily get lost in a photo. Add in the fact that they’re only this tiny for such a short period of time and you’ve got a truly challenging task. But one that is so incredibly worth it. Parents look back at newborn sessions and melt over how much their children have changed and grown, carving out more space in their hearts than they ever thought possible.

Family together

I find that doing lifestyle newborn sessions in the home creates the most beautiful images, because the family is in their own space. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re basking in the warmth of their home. For this session, we chased the light a bit from room to room. Brennan and Brooklyn, the two wee twins, both have their own nurseries and Brooklyn’s proved to have the bright light, so we gathered there. I had the family all squeeze in close and cuddle. It was perfect. Ellie, the big sister, was so excited to tell me everything about her new little sister and brother. Brennan sleeps the most and this was very apparent even during our session. While Brooklyn popped her eyes open every few seconds to see what I was up to and to pose her hands thoughtfully, Brennan would just sigh and fall asleep instantly, his eyelids fluttering. I was beyond impressed with how Mom and Dad managed to handle both babies like pros, gracefully cradling them two in a hand and passing them back and forth effortlessly. I wish I looked that nimble with just one baby!

Baby Stats

Mother, daugher, and baby


Baby girlTwin boy

Twin babies

Baby sister

Family together

Baby feet

Father holding baby

Sister watches newborn

Baby boy

Mom and babies


Big sis Ellie was eager to show me her room and her toys, so we took a minute to take this portrait of just her on her bed, with her favorite stuffed animal. It can be so easy for big siblings to feel left out of the action when there’s a new baby (or two!) around, but Mom and Dad were awesome about having her help with the younger siblings, be in photos with them, and make her feel included. I know she’ll be an amazing sister to them both!

Big sister

Baby sister

Big sister of twins

Father of twins

Big sister

Family portrait

Mother & Father & Twins

Mother and babies

We took the photo below specifically to show how small the babies were next to Dad’s hands. So SO tiny and precious! It’ll be fun to look back on this photo when they’re all grown up.

Twin heads

We had to include the family dog in the photo! He was more eager to run around than pose, so I’m thankful we were able to catch these quick shots.

Family dog

Parents of twins

Sister hugs twins

Lifestyle Family portrait

Thank you, Thomas, Michele, Ellie, Brennan, and Brooklyn for letting me capture this milestone for you! I hope you enjoy the photos and this new chapter of your lives!





PS. Do you have a baby (or two!) coming soon? I’d love to work with you to capture lifestyle newborn photographs for you! Send me an email at to discuss dates and pricing.

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