Mommy & Me Breastfeeding Portrait Session | Eno River { Durham, NC }

can you buy robaxin over the counter buy Lyrica Mothers are so strong and beautiful and full of love. I recently found myself seeking out opportunities to capture images of mothers breastfeeding their children. The act of breastfeeding (and pumping!) are so completely selfless and full of sacrifice. For many, nursing is NOT easy and filled with physical pain and hardship, no matter how long or short the journey. Honestly, all aspects of motherhood are a sacrifice, regardless of how a mother chooses to feed her child. For me, however, nursing always felt like a particularly strong giving of self that I didn’t always enjoy. The times I did, though, made up for all the hardships attached to it. Beyond everything else, though, the sheer number of times I had to nurse my children throughout infancy made the act qualify 100% as a labor of true love. I was delighted to celebrate this mother’s breastfeeding journey with a portrait session of her and her daughter. She was particularly excited to have this stage of life documented knowing that – in the grand scheme of things – it is such a small (but beloved!) aspect of her relationship with her daughter. One that is also coming to a close. 

It’s always such a treat to see the reactions of families to their portraits. During this family’s viewing and purchasing session, the husband could not stop exclaiming how much he loved the portraits and how absolutely gorgeous his wife looks. “Like a goddess!” were his exact words. I completely agree!

Durham Child Portrait

This little girl couldn’t believe she was getting photos taken with her mama and JUST her mama. Sometimes second-born children need that extra quality time. <3 This ethereal portrait was taken right at the beginning of the session, while she was still a little shy. By the end, however, she had come out of her shell and was talking up a storm, shooting smile after smile at me, and twirling in her beautiful lacy dress! 

Nursing Toddler
Mother and little girl
Durham toddler
Natural Light Portrait

This session took place at the West Point on the Eno in North Durham right after the peak of high summer. I always know fall is coming when the woods turn that perfect shade of yellow-green. It’s like the leaves are glowing with one last burst of energy before succumbing to the crisp yellows, flaming oranges, and rusty reds of fall.

Mother & Daughter
Durham Child Photography
Mommy & me Session
Mother & daughter

The photograph below is my absolute favorite from this Mommy & Me session.

Such a strong, determined, beautiful portrait of motherhood.

Strong Mother

What parts of motherhood would be the most meaningful for you to have documented in portraits? Send me an email and let’s chat about how to make it happen! 


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