How to Make Blueberry Koldunai | Lithuanian Recipes

I’m one of those cooks who loves eating, only semi-enjoys the making process, is usually too impatient to follow a recipe exactly, but generally gets pretty delicious results. Sound like you? Excellent! Let’s be besties, talk about food, and then just go out to eat instead. 

No, but seriously – I’m not a food blogger, which means I feel no guilt at producing lots of pretty pictures with only the vaguest of recipe details. Consider yourself warned!

Despite my solid heritage, I have made very few traditional Lithuanian foods before (mostly because a lot of my Lithuanian friends are excellent cooks!). Last week, however, amid some grand speeches given to friends and family alike, I decided to make Blueberry Koldūnai. If you’ve never heard of this deliciousness before, it’s a little dumpling filled with meat and usually covered with sour cream and mushroom sauce. When one has more dough than meat, however, or is just feeling a bit sweet-toothed, a fun alternative is to fill it with berries instead. YUM.

Lithuanian blueberry dumpling

I was feeling pretty confident in  my ability to make these pretties, until I was about five seconds into the dough making process. Bread, as a friend ruefully observed the other day, is one of those ridiculously simple recipes that’s incredibly hard to get right. I’ve both observed and helped others make this dough on multiple occasions, but now that I was doing it on my own, I just couldn’t seem to get the consistency right. Flour, two eggs, salt, and water. That’s all there is to it, yet it was either too sticky or too thick. My husband, who pointed out the rather heavy consistency of my poor koldunai more than once that night, insists that next time he’ll help me make that part. I look forward to seeing his amazing dough-talents at work.

Lithuanian blueberry dumplingLithuanian blueberry dumpling

Fresh blueberries dosed heavily with sugar, brown sugar, powdered cinnamon and some water is then mixed and dropped into each circle of dough. Don’t ask me what the exact proportions were, because gosh darn it – I didn’t follow a recipe.

Lithuanian blueberry dumpling

Lithuanian blueberry dumpling

I remember my grandmother teaching me how to fold these suckers and I never did get the hang of it. They sort of wrap like diapers, though – you start with a semi-triangle and then fold the two side flaps in. Get it? Got it? Good. Once that’s done, you dump them into boiling water and just wait about fifteen minutes for them to rise. If you want to be particularly unhealthy, follow my example and after they’re boiled, fry ’em up in a bit of butter and drown them in a large dollop of whipped cream. DELICIOUSNESS.

Lithuanian blueberry dumpling

Lithuanian blueberry dumpling

 Be forewarned: when hot, these Koldunai WILL explode in a boiling hot mess of blueberry juice.

If feeding to children, remove all clothes first. ‘Cuz blueberry stains? They don’t come out.






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