Pout Pout Fish | Freya’s 1st Birthday Party { Chicago Event Photography }

Freya Cecilia, my beautiful little Chicago niece, turned one this summer! Her parents decided to throw a combination housewarming and birthday party, themed loosely after Freya’s favorite book, The Pout-Pout Fish.

visit site buy generic tinidazole While the theme might have been under-the-sea, this family’s new home reminds me more of a towering tree house bathed in dappled light and cool greenery.

The lower levels of the multitiered balconies are shaded by tall trees and when you climb up to the highest rooftop balcony, it feels like you’re swaying over the city. The birthday girl was in fine form, full of giggles and smiles. Throughout the party, I saw her happily bouncing from party guest to party guest, holding court over the entire gathering with her exuberance. Povi wasn’t as enthusiastic, given that the day was swelteringly hot. Can you find the photo of him with his slicked down ‘do after Vincas decided to cool him off with some water? I enjoyed mingling with all the friends and family, as well as partaking in some of the delicious food and alcohol provided. It was especially fun to see how everyone made their way to the party. Some drove, some walked, and some even came in a caravan of bikes! We all trooped outside to see the different types of bike seats the smaller kiddos arrived in. Vincas, Povi, and I had to hop over in a Lyft, since our car was in the shop. Vincas had briefly worked for Lyft this summer, so he took the opportunity to have a long, animated conversation with our Lyft driver about how to earn the best tips. While my favorite photo of the afternoon was definitely this first one with Vija and Logan snuggling an upside-down Freya, my second favorite has to be the photo of Povi sleeping. At first, I thought it was just a photo of Povi. It was only during my editing process that I noticed that a sneaky little Freya had made it into the photo, mischievously peering out behind her Dadu (grandpa). Hilarious!

Chicago blogger_0218

Chicago First Birthday Party

Chicago blogger_0211

Chicago Childrens Party Photography

Chicago blogger_0223

The food, as always, was beautifully prepared. I especially enjoyed the Pout-Pout Fish fruit plate!

Chicago blogger_0199

Chicago blogger_0200

At first, Freya didn’t look like she knew what to do with the cupcake handed to her. It didn’t take her long to figure it out, though!

Chicago blogger_0201

Chicago blogger_0206

Chicago blogger_0202

Chicago blogger_0203

Chicago blogger_0209

Isn’t this rooftop garden spectacular?

Chicago blogger_0210

Chicago blogger_0213

Chicago blogger_0219

Chicago blogger_0214

Chicago blogger_0225Chicago blogger_0226

Party Photography

I always love seeing Freya interacting with her Mama!

Chicago blogger_0205Chicago blogger_0216Chicago blogger_0217

Chicago blogger_0215

Congratulations on the new home, you three! I look forward to many more beautiful gatherings in your new space! <3






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