Guess what’s hatching!

Life is pretty crazy in our corner of the world. We’re moving halfway across the country…

and Povi is graduating to big brother status!

Big brother

Whenever my blog posts suddenly dry up and it seems like I’m not getting much done, it’s either my busy season (October-December) ooooor my eggo is preggo! This will be our little rainbow baby and Vincas and I are so over-the-moon excited. With the big, cross-country move rapidly approaching, our house a mess of boxes, Povi suddenly sprouting molars, and Vincas working late nights, life has been pretty chaotic around here. Despite this, we’ll have brief moments of blissful happiness where Vincas rubs my round-but-not-quite-yet-bumpy belly and we grin delightedly over the thought of another little person running around and filling our lives with giggles and noise. Povi isn’t old enough to appreciate how much his life will change, but I know he’ll be so excited to become a big brother and meet his new sibling. He’ll be 21 months when this little one joins us, which sounds like the perfect age gap to me. Plus, this baby will have three other cousins his age in North Carolina, with a fourth only a hop and a skip away in Florida.

Big brother

A few weeks after finding out I was pregnant (cue excitement! And immediate plotting on how to tell family and friends!), I had a moment of confusion: Did I really forget how bad pregnancy makes me feel, or is the all-day-never-letting-up-constantly-gagging-nausea just REALLY bad this time? Vincas assured me that I wasn’t crazy – it actually is wayyyy worse than I ever had it with Povi, which makes it official:

I LOVE babies, but hatehatehate pregnancy.

With a passion. While some lucky souls *coughViktorijacough* get those easy-peasy pregnancies that just slip by without any sort of symptoms, my pregnancies are filled with utter revulsion of almost all food, sore throats from the constant gagging, no hurling (thank you, God, for small miracles) but nausea instead. And sometimes middle of the night nausea as well. Not to mention the utter exhaustion that keeps me napping multiple times a day and the horrible, crazy pregnancy dreams I’m plagued with every time I close my eyes. Seriously – if I wanted to live out a horror/action flick, I’d put on some Netflix. Most mornings, I wake up more tired than when I went to sleep.

Big brother Povi has actually been pretty good, all things considering, although my least favorite tasks are suddenly feeding him and cleaning the kitchen. Poor Vincas comes home more often than not to a kitchen full of the entire day’s dishes and a floor covered with Povi’s rejections (he tends to throw whatever is left of his meal when he suddenly gets full). Thankfully, there are less dishes than usual, since I’m not cooking. Unfortunately, this means that Vincas not only gets the joy of cleaning up, but also cooking himself a lonely meal while I gag over the smell of it in the corner. I feel bad, but around here I do anything to survive that first half of pregnancy. At 13 weeks, I’m resigning myself to the fact that I’ll likely be nauseous for at least as long as I was with Povi, which is to say 18 weeks. It’s around this time that I quit looking at any pregnancy apps and their glowing praise of the second trimester and how “you should be feeling pretty good now!” -_- I also apologize profusely to any single or childless friends who come around me, because I REALLY don’t make pregnancy look fun. With this huge paragraph of complaints out of the way, however, I’m going to attempt to have a more positive week for my last official week spent in our apartment. Next Tuesday, my dad is flying up to drive our things down to North Carolina and I’ll spend my last few days of living in Illinois with Povi at my in-laws. Then I’ll bid Vincas adiu for a month and a half so he can finish up his residency, while Povi and I live with my parents and do the whole house hunting/get familiar with Durham bit.Big Brother

Despite my lengthy paragraph up above, I’m SO excited about this baby and keep wondering what kind of little person he (or she!) is and how our family will change. Or how I’ll change. I’m not gonna lie – I didn’t think having one child was a huge adjustment. Povi was a very easy and good-natured baby, although his foray into toddlerhood has been filled with a bit more angst and stubbornness. Having two kids at home, however, will be more challenging and definitely keep me hopping. Most of the years I nannied, I was usually with only one child (although I’d sometimes have two or three), so being with two on an everyday basis will change up my routine in interesting ways, I’m sure. I’m incredibly grateful that we’ll be living so close to a wide variety of family members that I’ll be able to press into babysitting service AND that we’ll be in *oh glory hallelujah* an actual house, instead of an apartment!

I’ve been debating whether to find out the baby’s gender this time around, because I thought it might be fun to experience knowing during the pregnancy, BUUUT, it was so so SO fun finding out during the delivery! That moment where you finally are handed this tiny, squishy person that, wonder of wonders, has just COME OUT OF YOU and you’re so exhausted and so spent, but so freakin excited, and your husband gets to say “IT’S A —–!” …well, there’s just nothing that compares to it. Vincas is staying completely neutral on the subject of finding out or not, although he also insists that this baby is a girl, so why do we even need to find out? He’s been right 1/1 times, so he thinks his intuition is unbeatable. 😉 I don’t feel like I have any sort of intuition about it…last time I was absolutely convinced I was having a girl and out came Povi! This time around, I keep accidentally saying “he,” but I think that’s mostly because my sister is having a baby boy and because baby boys are all I know. You know? Either way, I have a solid month (or two, depending on how long it takes for me to get established with a midwife practice in North Carolina) before we have to decide.

Until then, bring on all the cute big brother paraphernalia and baby nursery Pinterest boards. Because you just know that a new house means way too much time spent planning a nursery for Baby Two and a big boy room for the Povinator!


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