Astrid & Toothless {or how to spend way too much time planning a Halloween costume}

robaxin online canada Astrid & Toothless

tinidazole dosage I adore Halloween. It’s the one holiday of the year that I get to be completely ridiculous and spend a silly amount of time putting together a costume. Weirdly enough, I find the process thoroughly enjoyable. Stalking Goodwill, periodically dropping by Joanne Fabric’s to pick up more material, accidentally hot glueing my fingers together, designing a mask, sculpting armor spikes, painting said-armor spikes, and sewing dragon wings and a very meant-to-be-cool-but-total-failure of a dragon tail – not overkill, right?

HEY! I was excited. It was our first-ever Halloween celebrated together and our first couples’ costume!

When brainstorming for ideas, my husband almost immediately grew bored by the conversation. His suggestions – although he’s convinced they were practically genius – soon forced me to go solo on the costume planning. I informed him that he wouldn’t get to know what we were going as until presented with the costume the night of the festivities – mostly just so I wouldn’t be guilted into going as Calvin and Hobbes, but also because I thought that it would be fun to see if he could guess who we were. My criteria for a couples’ costume were: 1. It had to be fun to wear. Preferably involving masks or intricate makeup. {I tried finding a blonde wig for myself, but ran out of time} 2. No spending oodles of money {all the supplies I purchased came under $15}. 3. No just buying a costume outright, because what’s the fun in that? Obviously there had to be DIY details to make it more creative. 4. It couldn’t be something that ten other people would be wearing. {I was secretly please when I only saw one other “Toothless” make an appearance on my Instagram that week – and it was a baby!} oh, and 5. I really wanted there to be some fun “us” element in the costume. I kept trying to figure out a silly dentist theme, but going as a zombie dentist and his patient just wasn’t doing it for me.

How to Train a Dragon

I’ve mentioned before that I adore the movie “How to Train Your Dragon.” Since Vincas also really enjoyed it, the thought occurred to me that it might be fun to dress up as the main characters. At first I was going to have Vincas be Hiccup, with me going as the dragon. Once I remembered the dragon’s name, however, it was obvious my dental-student hubby would have to play that role. Toothless. Beyond perfect? Definitely. {see the above photos for Vinco character interpretation {in the movie, Toothless’ teeth can retract}

I could go into detail about how I made the different parts of my costume, but plenty of good how-to guides already exist with much more elaborate and better-made costumes. Regardless, I really enjoyed our get-up and, considering how freezing Halloween night ended up being, was rather grateful for the extra warmth that my furry boot tops and fuzzy wrist guards gave me. Several beers and a jello shot helped with that, too. Hurray for Halloween!

Astrid Flying Toothless

Left: Toothless scaring Astrid                                                            Right: dragon ride?

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