April Recap { 365 Day Photography Challenge }

April Recap

April Recap

get redirected here Top Left: There’s nothing I love better than a bold splash of colors and textures and faces. Aidas and Povi love hanging out together for a few minutes post-nap in one bed. Whichever kiddo wakes up first eagerly jumps from my arms into the other brother’s crib, while the sleeping brother struggles to wake up. This was the very first time I actually started this tradition and Aidas was so gleeful and confused about why he was being allowed to go into Povi’s bed. He immediately wanted to lay on the pillow and try out the blanket. Nowadays, both start hysterically giggling the second they’re together.
cheap Seroquel usa Top Right: I tend to think of my kitchen as rather boring and uninspiring – especially when it comes to light. I challenged myself to start shooting in there more often and to get more creative with how I use the limited light. After about ten or so minutes of playing around, I finally came up with this photo. Povi was being completely unhelpful, but when I placed the chair in front of the window, suddenly this game became way more fun. He would dash over to the chair, climb on, hop off, and dash away – all within about three seconds. His little underwear covered bootie looked hilarious perched up in the air.
Bottom left: I find a weird pleasure in sometimes obscuring faces. Maybe it’s because all too often my younger sister doesn’t want her non-makeup-ed face in photos. Challenge accepted.
Bottom right: There’s something about this photo that captured this moment so perfectly. We were at the Biltmore Estate Easter Egg Hunt and Povi seemed a little overwhelmed and intimidated because of how many kids were there. The light was bright and hard to work with and I was wearing a long dress and struggling to get down low enough for photos without being knocked about. Povi’s face is set in such a determined expression and I just love how the light is glinting off his shoulder.
Bottom Photo: Finally, I can’t forget this photo that won daily fan favorite on Beyond the Wanderlust. There’s something entirely wonderful in being able to make something as mundane as sawdust look like glittering gold.
April Recap
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