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Seroquel buy buy viagra professional online Welcome to the world, Aidan Mark! It’s so appropriate that the name “Aidan” means “Little Fire,” since this adorable newborn sports a full head of auburn hair. <3 This lifestyle newborn portrait session took place in the family’s home in South Durham. We met early in the morning, which turned out to be an ideal time to capture this little man. Aidan was the easiest baby I’ve ever photographed! Despite his adoring big brother and sister’s exuberance, Aidan alternated between sleeping and thoughtfully watching his family during the entire portrait session. The only time he got a little antsy was when he was ready to eat. Once his tummy was full though, he was back to sleeping!

Lifestyle Newborn Session

I thoroughly enjoyed capturing images of this entire family – especially when they were all piled onto the bed together! Everyone jumbled together, little hands reaching for tiny toes, and chattering voices telling me all about how much they love Baby Aidan and how helpful they’ve been to Mom and Dad. It’s perfection.

Durham Newborn Session


At first Oliver and Evelyn couldn’t understand why Mom and Dad kept telling them to NOT just stand and smile at the camera. “But she’s taking pictures!” Oliver insisted, disbelievingly. I laughed and let them take one “Say cheese!” smile (see the last photograph!) and then explained that THESE photographs were different – that they get to hug and kiss their new baby brother, talk to each other, and have tickle fights with Dad while I take photographs. They quickly got into this new game with joyful enthusiasm! (Curious about how I work? Here are a few other tips I give families for how to have an amazing family session!)

Newborn & Family

South Durham Lifestyle Newborn

South Durham Lifestyle Newborn

Mother and son

South Durham Lifestyle Newborn

The love these two siblings show for their baby brother is beyond words. I loved seeing them interact, how they giggled wildly at everything Aidan did and couldn’t stop touching him.

Dad & kids

Big Sister

Mom and Dad got some solo time with Aidan, too! Don’t be fooled – the older kids were bouncing on the bed behind me the entire time, asking a million questions as their parents successfully made it look like they were in the quietest, most peaceful corner in the world. Absolute pros!

South Durham Lifestyle Newborn

I just love a good portrait of a mother snuggling her newborn. <3

Mother holding Newborn

Mother & Baby

South Durham Lifestyle Newborn Photography


Lifestyle Newborn Session

Durham Lifestyle Portraits

Baby Boy Portrait

Baby Boy

Mom cuddling baby

Lifestyle Newborn SessionLifestyle Newborn SessionFamily newborn session

Philip & Kristi, thank you so much again for inviting me into your home! I love that we’ve realized we go to the same Mass on Sunday mornings – now I get to see your beautiful family every week and our community feels that much smaller and friendlier!


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