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Giedre Sidrys

My name is Giedre. I live in Durham, North Carolina in a house with a front porch and my family just down the road. I'm a mama to two spunky boys who make my life a whirlwind of joyful, but busy, moments. I'm married to a guy who not only keeps me laughing, but also knows my love language is pizza and reminds me to recycle. I adore making new friends.


Warm greenhouses, deep lakes, and misty mountains make my heart happy. My camera joins me on all my craziest adventures and beautiful prints are my jam. Documenting your happy moments makes me happy. Let's be friends! - xox, giedre

What I want to give you

I love finding the beauty in everyday life. I capture everything from squishy new babies and lovestruck couples, to loud and messy families overspilling with happiness. My love for photography extends beyond just the day of the shoot, however.


The spark, the thrill of anticipation as you pull your photos out of the envelope.


Having something to hold and touch.


This is what I want to give you.


Not a disk of beautiful images that will sit on a shelf somewhere in a digital no-man's land. Not the instant gratification of a dozen facebook likes that will be halfway down your timeline by tomorrow. I envision lusciously prints and canvases that you frame and hang on your wall: true artwork whose quality won't depend on whether you're using an iphone, ipad, or imac. They're you. Your family, your loved ones, your memories. One day, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren might be looking at that very same print, carefully holding those same edges while trying to imagine exactly what those tiny figures might have been thinking, dreaming, and scheming.

My company is named after a Paul Klee quote: "A line is a dot that went for a walk." With each adventure life throws at me, I find my next dot.



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