365 days of 2018 { A Photography Challenge }

There’s something about a fresh new year. Suddenly, almost anything seems possible, whether it’s swearing off carbs for more than a few days at a time, racking up 20,000 steps on my daily Fitbit tracker in my quest to finally outstep my sister, or even being able to keep up with the 365 day photography challenge for more than just a few months. 365 days of 2018, to be exact.

365 Days of photos

365 days of photos is a lot. Living in a new state and in a new house with a new baby makes it all the more interesting. This sort of project helps slow down the days. A subtle reminder to appreciate the quieter moments. It also gives a small semblance of structure to my days again – something I’ve really lacked since before the big move last summer. Every day, no matter what I’m doing, I stop and pull out my camera. Looking around, I try to find something interesting; something I might not have noticed earlier. Sometimes it’s how the light dances across Povi’s streaky blond hair, or how Aidas clenches his fist. The peace of a quiet room with a sleeping infant, a pudgy baby belly spilling out over his diaper, or the wonder of twinkly lights reflected in a toddler’s wide eyes. This is why I love photography.

365 days of my life in photography

I feel like the trend on instagram is to have light and airy photos, full of white and big open spaces. I’m pretty much the opposite of that. Bright colors, deep shadows, and interesting light make my heart happy. I probably spend way too much time carefully curating my instagram feed.

Should I admit that? Probably not. But there you have it.

365 day project collage

I won’t be posting all – or even most! – of the photos on this blog, but I am posting them all onto my instagram account, so be sure to follow along! I love comments. No, really! When I open up my page and see that someone took a moment to leave me some love I get SO excited. Needless to say, any sweet words are always appreciated.

January 365 day project

I’ll try to post a recap of my favorites at the end of the month. Or maybe a collage of the entire month? Which would be more fun?


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